Gyud method. Satsang 04.11.2017

I’m very glad to meet you again in this space of love and wisdom! Congratulations on the first chat after our parting! Most recently, i returned from deep retreat under the guidance of master bhagavan. The disciples of the great master entered a new stage of development. Especially fortunate are those who are waiting for mentors in the cities and preparing seminars. You are very lucky that such a force is coming to you! Meaning that huge success and transformation are waiting for you. Thank you all those who help master. Big bow to you!

So many people ask me what is this wonderful method “gyud” after all. Today i will tell you about it. Do you want me to?

Gyud is an ancient tibetan method of working with the subconscious, which reveals the hidden abilities of the human brain. It is more than 3000 years old. This method was practically lost.


The world could be deprived of a unique instrument that has no equal! If it was not for Master, who gave this secret knowledge to the world. Gyud’s method reveals the inner potential of the person, frees him from fears, heals from any illness and dependence, reveals talents and abilities, reveals the purpose of life, helps to find your soul mate.

Gyud solves such problems as stress, addictions, helps to travel to past lives, communicate with the deceased and even with the soul of the child to be born. It is a very powerful technique. It works on many spheres of life. But we will stop and go deeper on such a topic as the disclosure of the destiny of the soul. Is this interesting for you?

If we remembered our past, it would be easier for us to remember why we came to earth. But the fact is that our memory is very weak: we remember only 1% of everything that happened to us in this life, we almost do not even remember the dreams that we have at night… There are so many things happening to us, but then everything is forgotten.



Because of this property of our memory, we do not remember past lives. If we remembered them, we would have a very great experience. But we are deprived of this: we do not remember our life in the subtle world, where we lived before our incarnation on earth. If we could remember it, then earthly life would seem small and insignificant, and maybe we would want to return to the vast and full of amazing possibilities life in a subtle world, as it is described in the book “after death” even a bigger impenetrable veil is hiding from us the memory that initially we were infinity, we were god, but then were separated from him and embodied in different worlds. If we remembered this, we would become enlightened and understand who we really are. And although all this memory is inside of us, nevertheless we are separated from it so that we can get a fresh experience. And it is possible only if we start life from scratch; meaning if we do not remember anything. This is the way god uses to create new fresh impressions, a new unique life that is possible if we live without the past, limited to the perception of only this given personality.

Only by constantly remembering ourselves and getting out of the power of sleep and unconsciousness, we can return what we have always been, that is, our divine nature. And the way to this is through love and conscious attention.


Attention is like a hand of our consciousness – a ray that illuminates what our consciousness perceives. As the Master says, where our attention is directed, that begins to develop inside of us. Let’s ask ourselves a question. And where is my attention directed to? On development, self-knowledge, disclosure of life mission or somewhere else? What is important to me? Now take a piece of paper and write without thinking what is important to you. Like a list. Only please do not stop, just write.

We can see why we have a hard time in life, because our attention, our ray is divided into several rays. And for each sphere of life, a very little of this ray is left.


If we would think about the development of our soul, then everything else would have turned out automatically. Because god wants us to develop the soul, and the rest is all to be added: love and money and health.

That’s why it’s so important to be closer to the power. Attending seminars, tours.
Because during all 5-10 days our attention is focused on our soul, on the disclosure of our predestination. And all the problems get solved, almost immediately after the seminar or even during it. At seminars, the sudents of master transmit profound transformational practices that bring us closer to ourselves. Please, those of you who were at lake baikal, share your experiences, inspire others to go next year on a tour to the heart of siberia. I want to reveal one secret to you: that on this tour special places of power will be opened, which have not been opened to anyone before. This means that good people will come and spirits are supportive to us.


In order to feel deeper your life purpose, i recommend you to receive such a sacred practice given by master called “time machine”. It really helped me once. This practice will be held at a new year seminar in Spain and in Brazil. In a special astrological aspect with the most powerful disciples of  Master.

Who is coming to the new year celebration?

And who is coming with friends?


On our next chat, we will continue talking about the purpose of the soul. Please prepare a living flower. It can be any kind of flower, the most important thing is that it is alive and the meantime, practice this meditation i will be waiting for a new meeting with you! I embrace each of you with all my heart and soul!good luck in all your deeds! May the power of Master be with you!

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