«After death»
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The more times you reread it, the sooner all your problems will be solved!
This book provides the first most thorough description of life after death. The author has collected all information through the method of “channeling” – contacting the soul of a young guy called Yan. Be ready to learn about a fascinating journey of a soul in the subtle plane, love and so on”.
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About book
The book can completely change the reader’s world view. It helps to rethink one’s own life and change one’s opinion on the global events – wars, hatred and animosity between people and other disasters.
“After Death” provides a very detailed and clear description of the afterlife. This book is neither a fantasy of the author nor a scientific work. It is channeling – the description of real life events and afterlife existence of a young guy named Yan.

Reading this book explains how the subtle plane interacts with physical reality. Readers learn how considerable the influence of the invisible world on us is; that it is much less limited and happier compared to our reality. And that now we don’t have to be scared of death. Death is the return to our Fatherland from the Earth exile, the place of difficult lessons and trials, given to us by God for our development.
In different religions the other world became the object of speculations which helped priests to keep people in awe, thus strengthening the grounds of their belief. This led to the misrepresented picture of the other world including the eternal suffering in the hell or fast incarnation back on Earth. The more or less correct picture of the afterlife was preserved only by primitive peoples and shamans as the shaman had to enter the subtle plane during almost each
shamanistic ritual and describe it to the people present.

The invisible world is much closer than we think: it enters our thoughts, emotions and general state. It rules everything what happens on Earth. The book shows how it all works and what should be done to get rid of negative emotions and get a positive impact and help.
The key factor here is the teaching of Inliranga and correct tuning into high vibrations. Evil spirits, demons, deceased relatives, angels inhabiting the subtle plane constantly interact with us. But we got used not to notice this and explain our successes or failures with other reasons. However, the book reveals the mechanism of this interaction and teaches us how to protect ourselves and attract the higher creatures of the other world in our field, how to contact the deceased relatives.
The money collected through selling this book will be directed to building the Temple of All Religions and an eco-settlement ‘The Place Where Gods Are Born’, supplying its inhabitants.

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