LOVE AND TRUTH (Satyam Bhagovatyam)

Once Master told me a riddle. He asked: “Think what you can do to make your life become better in all directions. You know it already but, if God wants, you will solve this riddle and find a key to your happiness.”

I entered the most conscious and elevated state I could, and opened myself to the answers from highest. After some time, in my speechless mind, began to unfold the understanding that I should, as often as possible, tune in with the Master, so to obtain a constant mental and emotional connection with Him. From this very attentive and conscious state, I tuned in with Him and began to feel the presence of my Master. From it, I felt a quiet, hardly noticeable, wave of bliss. After some time I started to feel that my whole essence had started to transform under the positive influence of the energy coming from the Guru.

It was, however, difficult for me to maintain the perception of the Master’s presence, because different thoughts and external influences began to take me away from this state. Then, in order to maintain my concentration, I started to awake in me exalted emotions about the Master. This increased many times the bliss coming from the Master, and I soon bathed in the ocean of Paradise. I eventually understood that the more I tune with Him in an elevated state, the more energy comes towards me.

Again, however, different thoughts and circumstances began to distract me and to destroy this godly connection with the Master. I understood that I should more often do the meditation on the black dot and with all means try and develop in myself the concentration of attention and consciousness.

Soon I discovered one more enemy in myself: inconstancy and forgetfulness. Sometimes, for great periods of time, I would forget my possibility of finding happiness. This would happen especially when I didn’t think about the meaning of life, when I didn’t meditate on spiritual matters and occupied myself with many fussy concerns, in the attempt to solve many interminable problems and, also, when I was carried away by sequential stupidity. I finally realized very clearly that with a mind full of mundane illusions it was impossible to be consistent in my pursuit of reaching happiness. My mind should change!  Enough with being flattered with myself and the world, with surviving, expecting something from others, making silly plans; all this could not give me anything, as it was not giving anything to billions of people, living both in the present times and before me. If  I want to change and become happy I must reject all this.

At the following meeting I described all this to the Master.

“Yes”, He answered, “you guessed my riddle and, with it, the secret of self-development. A person by himself, with the aid of either books or exercises, cannot change himself; he cannot change either in a monastery or in cave since, in order to bring about change, you need godly bliss, and only a real Guru has it. He gives this energy to all his students and, because of it they can develop. Knowledge and exercises are also necessary, but they will not work without this energy. In order to obtain this energy of godly bliss, a student must tune in with to the Master and must be emotionally connected with Him. Still, the Guru is Himself tuned in with God and transmits His energy to people.

“Can a person tune in with God by himself and perceive godly bliss?” I asked Master and He said:

“Not everyone is able to be tune in with God and reach Paradise. This can be done only by a holy or enlightened person or by the one who is already close to this state. An ordinary person either cannot do it or will receive very little Bliss, and not enough of it to support the change. Being with the Master, however, a student, by receiving this energy, will subsequently learn how to obtain it by himself and how to transmit it to others.  This energy is capable of changing a person’s mind, emotions as well as to unfold his talents, heal him and awaken his siddhis (super-abilities). What people have to do is simply to stay open to the Master and receive this energy for their self-development: this is what counts the most.

“What, then, should a person on the spiritual path do?” I asked.

“He should live according to the principle ‘Avoid all evil and do good’ and this because, if a person has evil, he will destroy himself and will not be able to develop himself and become happy. Love and kindness form a person’s soul. God will help this person to develop his soul. Moreover, evil is the path leading to suffering, whereas kindness and love the path leading to happiness. Through experiencing them a person will find happiness and bliss in his soul. Certainly, you live in a hard world, so you must be clever and make sure that the world does not destroy you. You don’t need to become bitter. No matter what, you should develop kindness and love within yourself and, in order not to do something silly, to ask the Master about everything!”

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