Dear friends and partners, we invite you to collaborate to publish and to distribute the books “After Death” and “Adventures of Mystic”.

“After Death” is already approved by e-books platforms, such as Amazon.com for distributing via internet. “Adventures of Mystic” is in negotiations.

1) We are looking for partners who can help with localization, adaptation and editing both books to make them more friendly and closer to the readers in your country.

2) We are open to discuss publishing opportunities and distribution with Independent Publishing Houses, Networks and Agents.

3) We appreciate help from our students and readers to share the information in FB, Instagram or other social networks. You could get 5% discount to participate in our seminars if you will provide approval (print screen or photocopy)

4) To spread the first parts of books free-of-charge to share the ancient wisdom with your friends in internet. These books contains effective practical advices how to be happy every day and find your purpose in life. When we help others to feel better, the Universe helps us.

5) We welcome volunteers who would like to be part of our community and help to organize presentations in the book-stores or literature clubs. We support them with all necessary promotion materials and give the right to speak on behalf of our community.

6) If you become the membership of our readers club you have special price for all our CD’s and DVD’s to sell (50% discount in case of 10 CD’s or DVD’s and more)

7) Additional opportunity to collaborate: get 30% bonus if you want to organize the events in your city (seminars, workshops or retreats) with the heroes of the books. Dates and terms are negotiable.

For all proposals and questions, please write to ncenturybooks@gmail.com