Adventures of the Mystics

«Adventures of the mystics»
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This is a fiction story about people who came across an astonishing teaching of Inliranga. It encompasses all spheres of life and teaches how to use any situation for one’s growth and development. According to Inliranga, the world created by God is a school for a Soul.
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About book
The book is based on the real love story of two young people – Arthur and Alice. The followers of Inliranga School meet Arthur and Alice right before a horrible accident. They help Alice and Arthur to understand and learn the lessons of God, they teach how to use twists and turns of life for uplifting and developing one’s soul. Alice discovers the healing and universal power of a prayer for herself. And Arthur, passing a real man’s tests in the mountains in order to save his beloved one, obtains a deep experience of spiritual enlightenments.

The book describes in a great detail the practice “the Unity with an ideal partner”, it reveals the secrets of creating a harmonious family, the art of Tantra. It depicts a fascinating mystery of a marriage according to ancient Slavic rites, the ancient method of conceiving gifted children. The book considers some astrological recommendations which will help parents to raise a genius in their child. It also enables the reader to share the mystical experiences of the characters from visiting the places of Power – burial mounds, dolmens and caves.
Inliranga is an art of living, it teaches to use any situation for one’s growth and development just like God does himself.
According to Inliranga, the world created by God is an enormous school where people perform their practices through seemingly routine situations. However, it is the method of teaching used by God. He offers us exactly the situations from which we need to obtain experience necessary for our development. And Inliranga shows how to benefit more and correctly understand everything which God is giving us.
This book is a narrative of relationships of a couple – Arthur and Alice, they overcome difficult trials which were created by the actions of the dark forces, and they develop, improve through these situations.
They learn from different followers of Inliranga teaching, they obtain the knowledge of the Field of Love, which is the ideal method of creating a harmonious spiritual family that they dream of having in order to raise their children more successfully. They learn the best method of finding a partner, an amazing mystery of marriage, a miraculous ancient technique of conceiving a baby which helps to attract a highly-developed soul of the unborn child. They get to know important points of a child’s upbringing, using forgotten ancient practices of revealing a child’s talents and abilities.
All characters of this book are not fictional, but real people who live among us. This book is based on events which happened to us.
At present moment they are Masters, who share their experience with many people, and their goal is to provide help in real world situations and spiritual development to everybody who seeks it.

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