Find your Purpose. Satsang 11.11.2017

Admin: Hello, everyone! Let’s welcome Shakuntali

Dear people. The most vigorous and joyful people of the planet! I wish us all a great state of mind! Let’s start our communication with an anthem.

May luck favor your doings,

May joy come to all creatures,

May the good come to all worlds,

May the happiness come to all creatures,

May peace be with us,

Soham grants the greatness of peace,

Namaste, hari hara, om ram

Who came with friends today? Which countries do you represent?

Dear all, I want to tell you some wonderful news. Right now, our favorite tutors are getting ready to visit your cities and countries in order to pass the knowledge to you directly. Not from internet or books, but from a real live Master. From mouth to mouth. I congratulate you, the suns of humanity because now you have a chance to acquire live knowledge in this incarnation. Which means you can become successful very quickly. Lucky you!


When you meet the Master’s student, I sincerely recommend you to look into his or her eyes and try to see Master, who is trying to teach you something very important. Master loves every one of you. Until you meet the maestro in person, and this time will definitely come, you can read the legendary book about him and his miracles.

I would also like to tell you that we spent a very long time preparing the special New Year seminar program. As part of the program, you’ll learn rituals and practices that will help you become truly healthy, happy, and successful in 2018, which means you’ll get closer to your purpose. Who wants to participate?


Did you already sign up for the New Year seminar? In which country?



The last time we met, we started exploring a very important subject of purpose. Are you still interested?

Let’s recap the information from our last chat.

By the way, anyone, who stays until the end of our chat and takes an active part in it, will get a free mini diagnostic.

While you are writing down the information, I’ll tell you a joke:

– What’s the meaning of life?

– Can’t tell you now. There is no internet connection.

– You can live without food for a whole month

– You can. But what about purpose?

– You can live all your life without purpose


All of us want to discover ourselves, FIND OUR PURPOSE, understand why we came into this world, and what our God-given talent it.


Many people are out of place in this world. Some choose a profession, which doesn’t suit them because it lacks a true purpose. Others don’t understand what their purpose in this world is. That’s why so many people are out of place. More than that, they are taking someone else’s place. Meanwhile, they can’t find their own place for the same reason: it’s occupied.

That’s why there are so many unhappy people in this world. They don’t just do a bad job, they suffer from a deep frustration. Their lives are full of routine for a simple reason: they are out of place. They perform duties they don’t have a calling for. That’s where stress comes from. That’s why they fail to communicate with their coworkers, bosses, and employees. That’s why they experience nervous breakdowns. They want to zone out, forget about their jobs. They skip work, suffer from salary cuts, can’t get the desired vacation dates, and much more. I can go on and on.

But I won’t do it. Because this is not our goal. We want to tell you that the solution exists! In order to solve the problem, you have to look deep inside yourself, explore your inner world, dive into your subconscious, and find what you rightfully own! It was given to us by God to help us become HAPPY, learn how to help people, MAKE THEM HAPPY with our work and get deep SATISFACTION from it.

And the ancient sacred method “Guyd” will help us do it.

Let’s read and explore this parable

The Cracked Pot


One Indian man, who carried water, had two large pots. Each one of them was hanging from each end of the stick, which he was carrying on his shoulders. One of the pots was cracked while the other one was flawless. It never spilled a drop of water while the man was carrying it from the stream to his teacher’s house. The cracked pot managed to bring only half the water.

Every single day, for two years, the man has been bringing one and a half pots of water to his teacher’s house.  Of course, the flawless pot was very proud of its achievements. Meanwhile, the poor cracked pot was terribly ashamed of its imperfection and was very unhappy because it could only fulfill half of its purpose.

After two years of feeling bitter about its handicap, the pot decided to speak with the man while he was standing near the stream.

–              I’m very ashamed and I want to apologize

–              Why? What are you ashamed of?

–              For two years, I’ve only been able to carry half of my load because this crack lets the water through while you are carrying me to your teacher’s house. You’ve been doing your job well but, due to my imperfections, you haven’t been getting an ideal result.

The man felt sorry for the old cracked pot. Being a very compassionate man, he said:

–              While we are walking to my teacher’s house, I want you to pay attention to the beautiful flowers along the way.

And indeed, while the man was climbing the hill, the cracked pot saw amazing flowers at one side of the road and calmed down slightly. But by the end of the trip, the pot felt bad once again since it lost half of the water. And again, it apologized to the man for its inadequacy.

So the man told the pot:

–              Did you notice that the flowers were growing on your side of the path? There were none on the other side. The thing is, I always knew about your imperfection and I used it with a purpose. For two years, I have been enjoying a chance to pick these beautiful flowers to decorate my teacher’s table. Without you, such beauty wouldn’t have entered his house!

Dear friends, what conclusions can we draw from this parable?

I offer you a test to achieve a deeper understanding of your purpose. Type your answers in this chat. I’ll help you make the first step toward identifying your favorite occupation. Let’s do it!

  1. What do you usually do in your free time? Those of you, who don’t have free time, tell me what you would have been doing if you would have free time.
  2. What do you usually pay attention to? Which activities or objects draw your attention? For example, you are walking along the supermarket aisles and see guitars, which you can’t keep your eyes and thoughts away from. Or perhaps, you love perfecting the landscape design in your backyard or summer house. Maybe you like fidgeting with your car’s engine, trying to improve its performance or reduce the fuel consumption? Something else?
  3. What do you like to explore? Which books, magazines, newspapers, and websites do you read? Which subjects do you enjoy discussing?
  4. If you could know in advance that you would be successful in a certain occupation, which one would you choose? The “successful” we are talking about has a broad definition and includes whatever you consider “successful” for yourself. It doesn’t have to be just money, connections, friends, acknowledgement, fame, and social status, but many other things, which are personal for everyone. You can rephrase this test question the following way: If you weren’t afraid of failure, what occupation would you choose? More often than not, a person doesn’t do what he likes because of such fears as being left without money and friends or failing to succeed.
  5. What would you be doing if you didn’t have a money problem? Imagine, you inherited so much money that you could lead a worry-free life and still have something left for other people. You never have to work again. You have loads of free time. What would you do?

Many people, who are tired of working, say: “I would rest and travel|”. But you have to look further. Imagine you are fully rested and have already traveled everywhere you wanted. What would you be doing?

I see that all of you are extraordinary people. Your purpose is very different from those, who don’t attend chats, seminars, and individual practices. And from those, who didn’t connect with the power of Kalki. Your soul is at a high level of development. You promised God to do something important on this Earth. But when you were born…you forgot about it.

Today, we are here to remember our grand mission with the assistance of maestro Kalki. You’ll discover the secret of your mission during the insightful rituals and practices you’ll go through in the places of force in Brazil and Spain at a certain astrological time. It’s very important to go there at the time of the special star alignment.


Until we meet for the next chat, listen to transformation music for 10 to 15 minutes before sleep. It will help awaken your individuality.  Imagine yourself in the very heart of Siberia, among the high snowy mountains and crystal clear rivers. You’ll experience a surge of energy, everyday happiness, and your personal power level will increase. And this means that next year, you can come to the heart of Siberia, meet all the participants of the Sansa chat, who are your kindred spirits, and travel with the maestro’s students to the origins of our soul.

During the next chat, share your experience of touching the music, written by maestro Kalki. You won’t be the same again!

I sincerely thank you for being here with us today. I’m especially grateful to those, who cared for other people, invited their friends and helped them.

Uncomforted and curious explorers!

I love you all very much and I wish you success in all you do on the way to perfection!

Ask questions. Write letters to Master!

Goodbye and take care, dear friends!

The Great Teacher blesses you all. AUM!

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