Power of the clan. Satsang 14.10.17

I’m so happy to see you again in the space of love and wisdom! We are continuing to study Siberian traditional shamanic. Let’s send our Master our gratitude.

Today we are continuing to discuss the topic of the power of the clan. Let’s recall what we have already talked about. Nature gives us strength. Places of Power can give our family clan a lot of power. There is a tradition that can help us secure power for our clan for the whole year. It is when the Elder, or whoever represents our clan, participates in a special shamanic ritual at a Place of Power.

This is the specific reason we are organizing New Years events for our students in Places of Power in Brazil and Spain. In the summer, we will lead a shamanic expedition into one of the world’s most powerful places — to the sacred land of ancient Altai.

Today I want to tell you about the next important step. The power of Kut, the source of our clan’s strength, is being destroyed and consumed by the spirit of illness. These spirits are insatiable spirits that occupy the lower worlds. They feed off of the emotions that a person creates inside himself and projects out onto the world. This is why these spirits are always searching for people who experience negative emotions within themselves or emit them outwardly. This process is described in detail in the book “After Death”.


 The spirits of illness do not possess their own physical bodies. They use the bodies of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites to get around and to penetrate the human body. Modern doctors have discovered that almost every illness, even cancer, stems from a form of parasite or bacteria that is trying to destroy and completely consume a person.

дух болезни

You have probably noticed that some people are constantly sick. And others, even when they are faced with challenging situations (cold or hot temperatures, lack of nutrients) remain healthy. Why is this so? If your family clan has enough Kut power, then every member of your family will be surrounded by a cocoon of familial strength. This means that no evil spirit will be able to break through the protection of this cocoon. And even if some parasite of virus or fungus or bacteria comes into contact with your body, it won’t be able to multiply and thrive there. You will be completely protected by the energy of your clan. No bacteria, parasite or fungus will be able to survive in such an environment.

So how can you make sure that this type of protection is always available to you? The answer is actually quite simple. And you’ve probably heard it many times before. As an instructor, I talk about this at almost every seminar. I recommend it to almost every person that comes to me for a diagnostic.

Of course it’s a healthy lifestyle! It’s a balanced diet, clean water, plenty of sleep, nature walks and taking care of your body.

This may sound strange to you, but it’s exactly what is needed. If you feel that you are starting to get sick, it means you should start being more active — doing sports, running, yoga, pranayama. These actions strengthen your Kut power around you. This way the infection that is trying to take root in you will go away. When do we feel that we are starting to get sick? Often it’s well in advance of actually getting a temperature. We usually first get a runny nose or some other feeling of weakness. We feel that we are starting to get sick right at the moment when the spirit of illness enters our body. The spirit flies into our body riding on some sort of virus or bacteria. At that moment the power of Kut surrounding us is weak. The spirit of illness starts eating away at our Kut. When it eats enough of it, it becomes very strong and feels that it can interfere with the functioning of our organism. That’s when we start getting a high temperature, or our stomach or head starts to hurt or something else happens.

Now let’s make some conclusions. As soon as you start getting sick, it means you should start strengthening your Kut power. This means you should go out to nature. Dress warmly, appropriate to the weather. There, you should do some physically active exercises. Do some yoga. Do yoga breathing exercises. Make sure you’re eating well. Drink Altai herbs. Sleep well.

This is the quickest road to recovery! This is how we live.

And if we feel that we are starting to get sick and then we lie down on the couch and relax, then we are making it easier for the spirits of illness to take over our Kut. First they consume our Kut, then they start eating away at our bodies.

дипрессия дух

In the modern world, there is a new disease called stress and depression. In the ancient times these diseases didn’t exist. What are stress and depression from a shamanic point of view? It is the loss of Kut power. When a person lacks their power of Kut, they don’t want to live. Modern people live in cities and all of the goings-on of a city drain the power of Kut. Sooner or later we are left without it. That’s when we start experiencing stress and depression. “I don’t want to wake up in the morning.” “I don’t get any joy out of life.” “I don’t have the strength to live and be happy.” “I don’t want anything. I just want to lay here. Just leave me alone.”


So what should you do if someone in your family is suffering from stress or depression? Take that person out into nature. They need to do physical exercises. As a result of physical activity, they will spend all of their body’s energy and then that person will literally fall over without any strength left in them. In this state the person should tune into the power of the Teacher, Kudai Kam’s power, the power of nature. That’s how you can help a person to completely restore their power of Kut reserves. And then stress and depression will leave their body.

What if someone close to us is suffering from stress or depression? We need to help them as much as we can. We can pray for them, especially if they are far away from us, in another city or country. As the Elder of my clan, I pray and direct the power of the clan to that person. When the energy comes to them, the feeling of life’s meaninglessness disappears. Life regains color. When a person has energy, he is able to feel happiness towards the world and can become active again.

What about if the stress or depression have been afflicting a person for a very long time? Then the person needs the help of a shaman. What if that person doesn’t want to accept the help of a shaman? What should we do?

You can order for yourself, or for a relative, a special Gyud audio seance. By listening to this seance, the person can start to get better. Depression will start to leave him. The person will be able to feel like themselves, to feel nature, the world around them. They will start to experience joy. Our tutors are currently creating such Gyud seances with the blessings of the Teacher and the spirits of Siberia.

активный отдых

If a person is able to get out into nature at least once a week or if he maintains an active lifestyle, then stress or depression are impossible.

Take care of your clan. Help your loved ones to live without illness.

And now it is time to say goodbye.

But not for long.

May the power of your clan and the power of the higher spirits be with you!


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