Music “Tridevi (Three Goddesses)”

«Tridevi (Three Goddesses)» 3 discs.

Tridevi/Three Goddesses are three great goddesses of Hinduism, wives of the great gods. This powerful music combines three female divine incarnations, three internal female cores in a single Shakti. Shakti is a cosmic female principle, it is our feminine.

Music of transformation “Tridevi” gives unity and strengthening of our feminine, helps to see in each of us divine power, wisdom, love and support, not of one goddess, but of three of them. Regular listening to it has amazing and magical properties – it will not make you believe that each of you can be a goddess. It will remind you of who you have always been, but forgot about it. The main thing is to believe in it, and the power of the three goddesses will fill your life with amazing changes. Wearing your own power object – birch bark pendant – affirm for yourself with the music of transformation:

Disc 1: «Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance, prosperity and wealth»

  • I see my gorgeous inner essence, my essence is to be a goddess, to see a goddess in myself, to awaken a goddess in myself. From now on I’m going to live in a new way, just the way a goddess should live!
  • I see myself as a radiant goddess Lakshmi – the goddess of abundance, prosperity, wealth, success and happiness. I deserve to live in a world that thrives, makes me happy, brings me the fullness of good luck and happiness. I deserve to have whatever I want in my world. The period of prosperity begins in my life!
  • In this my world – I am a wise and beautiful woman, I am a wonderful goddess, I admire myself. My body is a flower radiating beauty and femininity! I exude joy and divine rays of peace! I will go on the road leading to wisdom and will live in harmony with the environment! I open myself to the penetration of universal energy and grace!
  • My life is beautiful. It is filled with love! Love in my life begins with me, and fills me with golden light, making my body beautiful and young. My eyes become loving and mischievous. It fills my skin with light, making it smooth and soft. It fills my internal organs with vitality and health. It makes my soul makes pure, full of joy. My mind becomes calm and relaxed. A smile shines on my face!
  • I am surrounded by Love, now and forever. And it is so!
  • I firmly decided to love and please myself in this world. After all, I am the only one and unique for myself and my family. Happiness always lies within me!


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Disc 2: «Durga – free from diseases and misfortunes»

  • I easily get rid of diseases and my past that gave birth to them, I trust life completely. I close the door before the past pain and resentments and forgive everyone, including myself. There is no place in me for evil and annoyance, because I’m filled with peace, love and a sense of gratitude to the forces that created my beautiful and healthy body!
  • I am the only rightful owner of my life and destiny! I am responsible for my life and expand my capabilities. I’m free and can realize myself as a person. I have control over my life. I am a strong woman, and there are no obstacles for this force! I am a goddess. And I deserve love and respect. I am eager to learn new things in life. I firmly stand on my feet. I am aware of my power and use it. But at the same time I enjoy everything that I have.
  • I feel like a goddess Durga – the goddess of time, power, spiritual awareness. I have a strong spiritual connection with the Teacher.
  • The Force that created the world beats in my heart. The divine hand always guides me. I am always protected by the Divine Power and my Teacher, he loves me.
  • I see a raging torrent in front of me. I take all my past experience, all the old resentments and frustrations, dip them in the water and watch them dissolving and floating away downstream, until they finally disappear from sight.
  • I am free, and everyone, who was in my past, is free too. I’m ready to go forward to new adventures that await me!
  • The time allotted to life comes and goes, but I remain forever. I’m alive and full of energy no matter in what dimension I exist, and what is happening to me. I am fully tied up with huge world of the Universe!

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