The Taro Cards “The Wisdom of Ancestors”

The cards You’re holding in Your hands, are meant for the offbeat, searching people, who cognize themselves and the world. Here You’ll find not only novel ways of predictions for
Yourself, but also a piece of advice, as to how these attainments are to be used
each day, in an ordinary real life.

The shamanic Tarot reveals mandala to us as well, which describes all the world order’s system by contrast with the Egypt Tarot, and it is the key to any contemporary problem’s solution. Indeed the human’s problems hasn’t changed since then, and even vice versa, our
contemporaries are in need of help even more – a heavy mortality, a loneliness, a credit loneliness, a poverty, a family’s fragmentation and a lot more, not to mention the global humanity’s problems. That’s the reason why the people are in need of this Knowledge so badly. The very deck of Tarot cards you can purchase at the seminar.


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