Place of Power. Satsang 02.12.2017


I will help you to learn the wisdom of the great Master and to prepare for the very important event — our meeting in 2018! How great it is that we can be together!!! Together we create a transcontinental circle of love and harmony that helps, heals and fills the entire planet with love! Thank you all for being here!

For our chat to be effective, place your right hand on your heart and remember what it is you want to achieve in life. Health, happiness, success, to have the opportunity to see the people next to you happy. Feel your soul telling you what it is that it is searching for on earth.

Now raise your hand to the sky and ask the sky to give you the type of qualities that a student can have to find a Master and to follow him to learn how to be happy and how to create happiness around you and around others. Say, “Creator, give me whatever I need that will serve me, even if I didn’t ask you for that specific thing. Protect me and my loved ones from misfortune. Please, give me this even if I, due to my ignorance, will ask you for the reverse.” Then, when you feel the heavens respond to your request, lower your hand and place it on the table or on your knee and imagine that your hand is on mother-earth. Ask the earth for forgiveness for any of your thoughts, wishes and actions that destroyed her. Ask her, the one that created everything, that gave birth to everything, to give you health, strength and success so you can help her and other people. Finally, place your hand on your heart and feel peace and harmony between your desires and the desires of the heavens and earth.


How do you feel? Great! Let’s start today’s topic of conversation in preparation for the new 2018 year. This won’t be an easy year. The well-being of the whole world, my dear friends, is hanging by a thread. There are so many catastrophes and wars happening. Only with the power of love and unity and helping others can we balance all of the cataclysms occurring on the earth. Have you heard about how the ancient civilization of the Arians met its end? The earth’s north pole froze over and there were floods in the equator region. The legend about Noah’s arc is true. There are predictions that the next destruction of civilization will come from fire. Everything can burn to the ground, like a match, from a hydrogen or atomic bomb. This is why it is so important for us to feel each other’s hands and do exercises together and pray — to help Master who came to the earth to teach people how to love so that the civilization can continue living on earth!

Who’s ready to be a warrior of light and help the Master in his mission?

Who is ready to heal earth with happiness and faith?

 To help people?

Our wise Master is giving us tools to help us achieve success. Every Saturday in December we will use these tools:

Today you will learn about what a place of power is and why it is so important to find these places to conduct rituals. This is what the book “The Adventure of the Mystics” says on this topic:

 “as they walked, Artur asked, ‘why can’t we make our wishes come true? Why do we have to go to places of power or pray to god or tune into an egregor or ask for help from saints and magicians for this?’

 ‘well the thing is,’ Diana started to explain, ‘a human being doesn’t have enough of his own energy to accomplish what he wants. He especially doesn’t have enough energy on the higher subtle planes. And this is where dreams come true. To make a wish come true, it needs to be materialized. We need to fill the image of what we want with clear positive energy. Then, as we fill it with more coarser energy, it starts to manifest on the material level. This is called materialization. A person who does a lot of spiritual practices, like a saint or a magician, has a lot of this type of energy. That’s why we need to contact this person, so he can help us. Of course god and an egregor and places of power have a lot of this type of energy that is needed to make our wishes come true. This is why an intelligent person, in order to manifest his desires, does spiritual practices.’


 ‘Is it true that practicing in a group is more effective?’ Ruslan asked Diana.

 ‘Yes, it is especially effective to materialize wishes when you engage in collective spiritual practices because in a group, people can create an very strong energetic field. This field can help manifest any dream. A group can also more effectively tune into an egregor and god than a person by himself, especially if he is new to spiritual practices.’”

I remember when I was a child spending the summer in the village, my grandmother often told me not to walk on the path on the southwest side of the forest. She said that the path led through an unusual spot. Rumor had it, that people would see a strange glowing from the spot, or that when they would look at their watches, the time wouldn’t correspond to the real time, or that they could feel someone’s presence there. I walked that path a few times and really did feel a strange presence there. It was a mixed feeling of trepidation and fear because of the power of that spot.

  later, when I researched the history of this region, I accidentally found some information about that spot. There used to be a temple were priests would make sacrifices to the gods. For thousands of years this place was used as a ritual ground. Also, a few kilometers below the surface, there is an underground river that forks at that spot.

Now, as a person who’s interested in spiritual development, esoteric studies and exploration of the world, I understand that I grew up next to a place of power! This is a type of place where there is special energy. This energy has a special influence over a person. There is flow of energy rising upwards that connects the planet with the cosmos. This is why ancient priests used to pray in these places — it was easier to connect with the heavens from here.


There are hundreds of places like this on earth. The Egyptian pyramids, the Mayan pyramids, the holy mount Kailash, mount Shasta in the us, a rio tinto in Spain, the dunes in the Baltics, the place of power by Curitiba in brazil, the German Stonehenge, the Goseck circle are all examples of places of power. There are also places of power that are connected with the spiritual lives of holy people. This, for example, are places where saints are buried or where there are sketes, like the church of the holy sepulcher, or the eco-village where the enlightened Master’s power is stored. These places can fill a person with a sense of grace because there is a lot of light energy present there from the power or prayer that the holy people charge it with.


There are also secret places of power that only locals know about. There are people that have knowledge about how to “hunt” for these places. They look for them in order to pray there, to be heard, to experience a sense of cleansing and to feel united with higher cosmic forces. The Katun ridge mountains that separate Asia from Europe are an example of such places. This is were we will go next summer. The mountains and lakes of Kazakhstan are also such a place. There is an eco-village being constructed there for the light souls of the planet.

However, it is important to visit places of power with a guide. Just like walking through a forest, you need a guide who can help you absorb positive heightened energies in places of power. Otherwise, without the experience and knowledge of a guide, you can become susceptible to negative influences. Not knowing basic universal energetic laws, how to communicate with higher powers of a location, can end up hurting a person due to his ignorance of these procedures. This is why there are often rumors that people should avoid certain places. There was a place on the Olhon island in lake Baikal where a shaman used to live in a cave. It was believed that one shouldn’t ride by it on horse because the sound of hooves would disrupt the shaman’s spirit’s rituals. Any travelers who wanted to ride by this place would wrap their horse’s hooves with cloth to not make noise when passing.


Correct communication with a place of power can bring a person a lot of good. It can help him cleanse, to become healthy and to make his wishes come true. A guide, a “seer”, can help a person correctly tune into a place of power. He can help a person receive the beneficial energies of a place, can help connect with the power there. With the supervision of a guide, a pilgrim who visits a place of power with sincere intent and readiness to change something, to be filled with energy for new accomplishments, to sacrifice something, whether it’s an object, money, or a habit, can experience a life-changing event.


And now a gift:

Look at these two photographs of Spain and Brazil. I will transmit to you the power of the Master so that you can travel to these places of power. They will help you solve your problems.

Feel the expanse of the landscape filled with fresh air, freedom and happiness!

Inhale and feel how the spirit of these regions is calling you and wants to fill you with its power! (eng) (port)

Now watch these videos every day for two weeks and you will see how the universe will open its doors for you! It will also be beneficial for you.


U to prepare your consciousness with music from Master:


We are waiting for you at the places of power for new years from December 29th to January 5th!

Beloved ones, thank you for your questions and this chat. We will meet the next Saturday. All this month I will be with you. We will prepare ourselves to celebrate correctly the new year.

With love.

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