Music “Shaman Music of Transformation”

 The blessing of goddess Umay

Disc 1: «The blessing of the goddess Umay. Recovery»

Recovery and healing without medication.

Each of us will say “Yes!” in response to the question: “Do we want to be healthy?” Each of us is aware of the crisis of current medicine that is increasingly becoming similar to the big business of doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

In fact, the medicines of chemical origin are in the third place by the degree of harmful effects on humans (after drugs and alcohol). We use them, often getting only temporary relief in return. And then the disease comes back…

Is there a way to break out of this circle? And if so, how to do it?

Many of us have heard that the body of each person has a powerful ability to regenerate and heal itself. But do we know how to use them? Do we know the true, underlying causes of our illnesses? The current medicine has no answers to these questions. Meanwhile, there are many examples when doctors had believed that a patient had have no chance of recovery, but he took certain steps of rethinking in his mind, and the body healed itself.

Knowledge about self-healing is open today, you can start self-healing right now through listening to the music of transformation «The blessing of the goddess Umay. Recovery» specially created for this


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 The spirit Dzayan Dzayachi - brings good luck

Disc 2: «The Spirit Dzayan Dzayachi – brings good luck»

For centuries people have sought to enlist the support of higher forces on the way to wealth, material well-being. Different people – in China, India, Tibet – over the centuries evolved and developed the system of rituals, allowing to gain the favour of deities, bestowing the ability to attract wealth and luxury in their lives. Having gained the patronage of the Spirit of Wealth, you will be surprised how quickly money, luck and prosperity will start to come in your life. This music will help you to connect with the Spirit of wealth – Dzayan Dzayachi.

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 Merging with Ayami

Disc 3: «Merging with Ayami.»

Ayami is the spirit of the locality. For women it is a man, for men – a woman. If this spirit comes to a person, he brings pure, strong love. When a person has experienced it in the world of spirits, then he will be able to experience it in the human world, but not vice versa. You can find the spirit Ayami at the Places of Power. Remember your first love, longing, flying, happiness while listening to the music of transformation «Merging with Ayami».

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 Shamanic trance. Superpowers

Disc 4: «Shamanic trance. Superpowers»

Ancient shamans and mystics have used an altered state of consciousness or trance for receiving mystical visions and necessary paranormal information, as well as for reprogramming their own state.

To communicate with the world of Spirits the shaman wore a maniak, took a tambourine or guimbarde, and performing a shamanic dance made a trip through the Worlds. This music of transformation will help you to plunge into the archaic atmosphere of the ancient shamans and take a trip into the world of Spirits.

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Disc 5: «The Power of Clan»

There is a special power that humans possess. And not only humans, but also all living things on Earth.

This is the power of clan. Many manifestations of this power in our world still remain a mystery. Having solved them, we can change the scenario of life, which may have been already written many centuries before our birth.

What are the signs to determine how strong a person is? Muscle size? High position? Brand of the car, which he drives? Bluff and illusion. True power, deep wisdom do not lie in this.

Keepers of the clan – ancestors, and successors – children – this is our real power.

Only when you have warm arms of a child around your neck, you feel the fullness of life.

We receive messages and attitudes from the depth of of the clan, but often do not know how to use them properly, and therefore lose our energy.

Music of transformation «The Power of Clan» will help you to reconnect with your ancestral power.

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Disc 6: «Healing the family Tree roots»

What accumulated in the clan has a very great importance in your life. All this baggage can hold you like an anchor tethered near the pier, where illnesses, money problems and poor family relationships dominate. All this can go through the clan. And it may not give you the opportunity to live your life and be happy and successful.

What to do with it?

How to heal what came through the clan?

This music will help you to heal your clan. It is advisable to listen to it after individual consultation and receiving specific recommendations for YOUR clan.

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Disc 7: «Siva. Healing the body»

Siva is the goddess of spring, fertility and love; she embodies vitality and confronts death.

This music of transformation reveals the causes of diseases in your body, pain and resentment in your soul, clears your memory and the source of your origin. Healing occurs at all levels, regardless of place and time when this pain has come to you.

Human integrity is violated when we allow to offend ourselves and to be offended. Every time someone yells at you, your soul is quietly dying… People have a tendency to get used even to the pain. Like magnets, we attract the vibrations on which we are. The music of transformation is aimed at raising your vibrations. At replacing pain with joy and love, at the presence of state of happiness, which is certainly given to us by right of birth.

By healing ourselves we are saving the planet, and it really needs our help, especially now.

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Disc 8: «Protectress of the clan»

Why did our wise ancestors gave special importance to women’s attractiveness, women’s ability to attract and keep a loved one? Why is it necessary for a woman to be an enchantress? The fact is that in ancient times women were worshipped by men. A woman gives birth to children. Since ancient times the symbol of femininity expressed the idea of ​​fertility and life.

Music of transformation «Protectress of the clan»

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Disc 9: «The blessing of Lada. Healthy Mom»

For centuries, the main requirement for a woman was to give birth to healthy and strong children. Only a strong and healthy woman is able to do this. Modern science and medicine have made great strides in improving maternal health and reducing child mortality. But still there are many women who cannot have children, many children are born weak. There are a lot of them, and every year their number is growing. The results of modern scientific studies say that the problem number 1 is not cancer and cardiovascular diseases as they are, but physiological immaturity, which is the main provider of both these and other ailments. It turns out that the reason is stress, and the greatest danger threatens the weakest link of life – a nascent child. Through this music of transformation you can immerse yourself in those glorious times, when our ancestors lived long and happily in harmony with nature, and get the healing stream from the goddess Lada.

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Disc 10: «Bounties of Svetovit»

Since ancient times people have dreamed of superpowers. Think of it, in all the pagan beliefs gods are human-like. Moreover, according to the beliefs of the ancients, nephilims – the offsprings of gods and mortals – walked among mankind. A man uses only one tenth of the body potential. «Unlocking» the remaining part, you will be able to learn clairvoyance, magic, astral projection, hypnosis and gain many other superpowers. To do this, listen to music of transformation «Svarog».

Once purchased music of transformation will help you many years.

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Disc 11: «Svarog»

With proper treatment, Svetovit can give people both rain in a drought and material goods, or divine help in a difficult situation. He is always opposed to darkness, coldness, trouble, that is, poverty and all the black Gods. He will help you avoid financial scams, protect against attacks on your wallet, bank account, and so on, support in the implementation of long-initiated financial venture.

Listen to this music of transformation and welcome Svetovit in the morning, at a time when the sun appears above the horizon, and then you will find prosperity and wealth in all.

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Disc 12: «Problems. How to rise above the problems and stop worrying?»

Sometimes problems affect us so much that we cease to live and begin to worry. Is there a way to move away from anxiety to be able to do anything with our problems?

Here is the music of transformation that allows to rise above the problems. This music is so incredible that your own difficulties will become less in the first days of listening.

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