Music „Opening the Third Eye“

Opening the third eye

Disc 4: «Opening the third eye»

Music of transformation for opening the third eye.

When it comes to the third eye, meditation is a fantastic way to open yourself to visualization and reflection on important to you questions and problems. There are many reasons to practice meditation of the third eye. It can be an effective way to clear your mind of thoughts and worries, release your subconscious and get important answers about your loved ones, about the future and the past. The third eye is a special place, which is given special attention in all spiritual practices, as an energy receiver.

Turn on the music of transformation for opening the third eye.

Take a comfortable position, sitting or lying down. It is better to lie down if you do it the first time, but next time I recommend you to do meditation sitting and direct your attention to the image of Sri Yantra. Relax, mentally listen to each part of your body. Melt any thought that comes into your brain in the area of the third eye for a few seconds, very fast.

Your body should be relaxed and heavy, and now turn your attention to your breath. You feel that you become lighter and lighter with every inhale, and tension and anxiety goes away with each exhale. Then move your attention to the space between your eyebrows on the forehead – the place of the third eye. Imagine golden triangle, it is opened like a window. Slowly imagine that you can see all the pleasant thoughts in your head, but problems hide in the dark.

A bit to the side you can see a switch, touch it and turn off your thoughts. Now you need to imagine a very bright light that fills your every cell from the inside, it goes through the golden triangle. It is the light of healing. After filling your body with light, your thoughts begin to move in a dense flow from the golden triangle in the area of the third eye outside. All that was in the past: trauma, grief, any negative thought or belief float away with this flow from your head forever. Healing light that fills you, also fills your head completely, and as soon as you feel that your brain is filled with this light – close the window.

Now imagine that you see yourself or your reflection with the third eye, and the golden triangle slowly becoming brighter and brighter. Now, your whole body is filled with the golden light. You feel it.

Then the light begins to fade, and you enjoy your clear mind and bright thoughts. Now is the time when you can ask your subconscious any question you are interested in or concerned about. You will receive the answer in the form of reflection in the area of the golden triangle – the third eye. If you did not succeed the first time, do not despair, next time you will definitely get an answer. When you feel that you want to end the meditation, slowly move the fingers and gradually open your eyes.

The practice of the third eye meditation is the practice of relaxation and healing. It will enhance the capabilities of your third eye, and the ability to improve the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual components.


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