How to decorate Christmas Tree?

How to decorate Christmas Tree?

Today, my dear, I will share with you how our ancestors in ancient time worshiped new year and what kind of object of power they used during this time.


Did you ever decorate Christmas tree? Do you know that this tradition calls ‘shamanic tree” and has thousands of years of history? Legend said that shamanic tree is axis of the world and connects 4 worlds: roots take it to the energy of the past, stem of the tree is in the present, crown of the tree reaches the future, upper world. Decorations of the tree symbolize our wishers, they were handmade, and the very special ones were past to the next generations and kept as protective talismans in families.

On the lower part of the tree they hanged something that symbolized poverty, diseases… (broken mugs, old shoes), and wished them to go to the paste as fast as possible. And after they burned them with rituals.

On the middle part they put something edible (pastries, apple, carrots…) – something that will bring your health and success in present time.

You can put images of yourself doing sport and spiritual practices.

On the upper part of the tree you can put images of future goals and desires of the family, angels, light beings, goals were different – somebody wants to buy new cow, somebody find Teacher and follow him (her) around the world. You can find at store similar decorations or make yourself. I will teach you how to make these talismans of youк future “live”. You also can put on this level portrait of the master looking to us from the future.  It will open up big power of protection and help in material world.

On the top of the tree they used to put star or pointed decoration, that symbolized connection with the world of eternity where we all came from and where we all will go to.

In old time tree was cut with rituals, stayed during 2 weeks in bucket with sand in the main room. People use to dance folk dances around it, made their wishes, telling oaths to the spirit. Music tad- gi- ta created by master will enhance result during your dances and rituals

Traditionally tree was decorated around December 20th and after 2 weeks the tree and objects of past were burned. Decorations -talismans were put to grandma’s chest box and passed to children. And if you put magical objects charged by tutors on each level will be blessed by power and energy of world of enlightened Teachers. Birch tree talismans enhance world of the future, feathers – word of eternity, leather and stones help to connect with good luck.


Nowadays, when we have so much pollution, it’s better to buy live tree and plant it afterwards.  Let’s bring more oxygen and live energy to the world.

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