The webinar – The Power’s Objects

There’s an object in life of each fortunate human, which helped a human, they are often called an averter, a talisman, and such objects existed at all the times, in all the countries and by all the ethnic groups.

A certain magical object was possessed by the shaman in a village, a rural settlement, if we recall the fairy-tales, we can often remember, that there are references to the magical objects, seven-league boots, flying-carpet –it was a concealed wisdom, which was indicative of the human’s talent and it got preserved until now, and numerous wise people use it wisely in life.–осси€. —очи. 20 ма€ 2016. ѕрезидент –оссии ¬ладимир ѕутин на пресс-конференции по итогам саммита –осси€ - ј—≈јЌ. ћихаил ƒжапаридзе/“ј——

When the people started taking interest in the averters, the objects, they discovered, that each human had an object, which would be hereditary, a halidom, and sometimes it happens so, that they’re handseled or acquired from powerful people, and they often save life, change fate, ward off the trouble.

Speaking of RUSSIAN president Vladimir Putin

etbulgari5Elizabeth Taylor – once she got to know, that her magical objects were the diamonds, amassed a collection, which is famous throughout the entire world, and they served her, they guarded her. And now they’re in the museum, and they can’t even be acquired, because the objects serve their owner. And if we look about of ourselves, then we’ll see, that there’s a niche around the human, surrounding him (her). For example, Hitler sent lots of people to set out in search of the Holy Grail, and as it is known, he didn’t find it. But lots of people tried to find this magical object. Gurdzhiev told about the dream at the beginning of the age, that the one, who is the first to hang a banner in the mountains of Kabardino-Balkaria, will be the winner in the war, and everyone hurled all of their efforts into doing so, it is commonly known, that the USSR was the first to do so.

Cleopatra had a scepter and a rod, which were hereditary, the human, took them into the proper hands, would become invulnerable.

Dalai-lama is well-known at the Tibet due to the fact, that he stores numerous objects. The singing chalices, ancient tankas – Tibet’s magic symbols, which protect the country, the nation. Now there are such people in Altai, who venerate traditions, such families are numerous, each family possesses a certain magical object (hereinafter referred to as MO) and they transfer it by succession and they worship it as a magician-helper, who grants luck, health. It can be an ancient horseshoe and so on and if it disappears, the people feel the loss. But when they disappear, it means, that they ward off a hefty trouble, and it is necessary simply to130
possess another object for a different stage of life. If we recall the Russian Throne – the crown was hereditary and the one, who would put it on, would be the one to receive a self-containment. But we can’t tell, that it used to bring luck, that it used to bring self-containment, strength, but, regrettably, it brought misfortune to many people.

The worship of ancient stones, idols and even trees is well-developed in Africa in the area of Сongo. This is done, in order to keep it sated, in order to ensure a heavy crop and such rituals are performed permanently.

And if we turn attention – to the objects, which we’ve got. I’m sure, that You’ve got an M.O.

The magical objects are handed over by means of ritual and there was a case with one woman, who suffered from diseases, and her object was lost, on a trip, and she sat down upon the bed and she said, that it was a happiness, and, of course, it couldn’t have disappeared. It carried my illness away and a healing happened to a human after a certain period of time and the doctors said that it couldn’t happen and she began the world anew, her transfiguring began. There was a case, which astounded me. One 17-year-old lad, a sportsman, a rock climber, his mother, contrarily, was very worried, and she acted as follows, she began to look a talisman for him and she squarely came to us, we started creating a talisman particularly for this human, a very small one, made of wood, smaller than the slender finger, and the son agreed, to wear it. And once he set off for the mountains, the stone fell from above, it hit the chest, the object cleaved, the stone caused no harm, he was in a state of shock, he didn’t feel any pain, but his worldview changed since then, he tells, that he understood a lot and thank God, may his consciousness get expanded even further, since the life is beautiful and amazing.

«The power’s objects» are manufactured on certain days, with the prayers, and if they are manufactured for a particular human, we take the photo and it lies in front of the master, who creates the object and an interaction occurs between the master and this human, an object can be created during several days. We create the objects of the organic materials. There’s a master, who creates the objects precisely during one day once a year, during the sun’s solstice. He does nothing else and he prepared for this for a long time and these objects save life, and it happens so, that the people put this object on and they get transformed right in front of the eyes of people, there they were sad and void, their eyes get filled with power and gladness all of a sudden. That’s because this object is alive, a spirit takes up it’s abode in it, and as a rule, we transfer such objects by means of ritual, and it depends on the function, which are accomplished by them.

One woman carried numerous fears within her, she perceived everything around her with fear, we recommended «a power’s object» to her, so that it may protect her, so that the fears may disappear. These were the earrings, in the form of dragons, when she wore them, the clairvoyant people saw the dragons, and they were situated in her aura and they protected her. And I saw this woman at the other holytide, it had been a different human already. The object insured her from the fears, from the trouble. One wedded pair came to one seminar and they were displeased with something. And they wished, that there may be an object, which would be stored at home. And they stayed, and the object was manufactured, according to all the rules. And there they were going home, and one more woman was going with them and all of them fell asleep at a certain moment. The head of the family Nadezhda regained consciousness, when they were falling down to the ditch and she recalled of the object, and it felt like the time stopped. She tells, that «there we stand, there’s neither a rumble, nor an overturn and the door is knocked at – why do You stand, we tell, that we are – in the ditch, and suddenly we understand, that we’re standing on the road,

we reached the house in shock. Such a miracle it was». The object took a karmic aspect of the family upon itself. The objects carry to each one his (her) own.

And one thing is needed during one period, and the other thing is needed – during the other period. «The power’s objects» also have an energy meaning, when the symbols are upon them. They also find their owner. We’re often addressed by the people, so that the ring may get vivified, and some kind of a spirit-helper, a patron was present there and the ritual lasted about a day. A spirit gets settled into it, along with statuses and it gets handled with a mantra, a prayer, the acquaintance occurs.

Any object, which is sacred, can’t be allowed to touch by the other people. A human had lost one recently by chance, and when the other person found it, he began to feel uneasy due to the fact, that it had been touched by the other people. But the objects don’t lose the magical power. It gets blocked until it meets the owner. But when they get touched out of curiosity, as they are all enigmatic, they can bring an awry status to the people. And let’s spare the others and the proper objects.

We sometimes feel, that for a certain moment, that we have no wish to wear it and we put it on less and less frequently, which means, that it’s assistance is not needed as yet. But an object should be within aura, possibly in the bag, in the clothes, this being is a living one, it needs to be touched with care, they need to be talked to. A signal is transmitted on purpose, as to when certain words need to be told, which will reinforce the object even more and which will help a person in affairs.

A case, when a human doesn’t face a mystical world and the moment has come, when a failure has occurred in his life: in family, in business, he is left alone. And by chance (but, as we know, nothing is accidental in this life) he met a human, who told him: you need to change your life, to do something anew, pay attention to the health, the emotions. When the life develops in a wrong way, in the best scenario, the things, that are useful for health, development, need to be done, but it is difficult for us, but the power will arrive with each effort, which will transform us, since we make efforts. And a human offered as follows, change yourself, don’t be as you had been before, and you also need an object. That man seemed to be an intelligent, a wise man, he heard it and he understood, that it was about time to change, and he even acquired an object. An Object, – which is Amazing.

Sometimes we get the travelling tours arranged for going abroad and to the memorable screen-shot-2015-09-05-at-5-05-17-amPyramid of Ramesses. And it is namely the pyramid, whereto the sunray penetrates twice a year on the day of coronation (the day of summer solstice) on the day of death (he died during the autumnal equinox). And Rameses is right there – he is depicted with THE POWER’S OBJECT. And there are 4 statues with similar POWER’S OBJECTS in the pyramid, which deify Ramesses the II and at first the ray penetrates this room and it stays there for 2 minutes and numerous people try to gather there, try to sing, the gatekeepers pursue them, and we perform a powerful energetic ceremony on the filling of the sunray meanwhile and at that moment Ra acknowledges that Rameses is a God, and an immense power is channeled thereto, and the objects are put thereto, and the objects are charged with an immense power, for a luck, for the business, with such a ritual during a sojourn over there, their power is indestructible. That’s the way it is – the business-magic. And in such a way a human can resolve all the situations in the proper life. And then such an object got attracted towards this

businessman. It was a signet ring, and plus everything is charged in the pyramid, and the object started guiding them. He told it himself: «I get up in the morning, I make myself fit, I perform a jogging, and then I feel during the lunch, that there is a need to go somewhere, I go and I meet a human, who offers everything thyself». And the human boosted his business to the new level again, a miracle happened, all the partners, competitors, everyone incurred losses, but he got everything boosted. It is impossible to meet with failure, possessing such an object.

One woman came with cancer, which was caused simply by misuse of her bestowal. She’s a powerful healer, and a human, reaped numerous diseases, by performing praxises in a wrong way, and the family life, everything went in the doldrums, everything is bad in the long run. We began to look at this woman and we saw a luminous soul, a heart, which does lot’s of good in life inside of her. Understanding the fact, that everything, experienced by her, was a lesson, she believed, that if she would do the bidding of doctors – she might not withstand the surgical service. She was 67 years old, everything was diseased. But there’s a hearty warmth, there are similar healers as well. They want to perform something good. We told her – now then, change Your way of life, nutrition, let’s reconsider everything. You need to have an object for healing, so that it would always work with You, it will be able to purify everything gradually. And when she started familiarizing herself with the objects, her hand reached out for a stone, a big one. And it as if draws the negative out of body, afterwards such stones get ruined, into a dusty sand. And she slept with it located near her head on the first day, she felt now chill, then heat, she got a metabolism restored, and as a result, some tumors stopped developing, something disappeared at all by a human after two months, and she has started working already, by performing the healing praxises. And today I see a harmonious human in front of me and there’s an object, her protector.

Each human should probably have numerous keys to the health: the herbs, the stones and the POWER’S OBJECTS – they are our friends.

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