Simple things to do after every seminar

Dear friends, today we will show you some pictures from sacred places of power and… you have unique opportunity not only to learn which is a very useful process in the life, but also to ask your questions and write to

We are very glad to meet you again in this space of love and wisdom. The best people of the whole planet are reading these lines. The most open hearts of Universe!

Thank you for anyone who was at Altai together with us! This was a divine trip.  I thank everyone who came and especially those who brought with them people. It’s so important to help each other. That’s why there were 110 people!

heart from people

How do you feel after so powerful expedition?

“Extremely changed, like a new life started! Very transforming and with so much love and power with our spiritual family and circle of great masters, the hugest gratitude”


How much then will be coming to the expedition of the following year in Kazakhstan? 200? 300?

place of power in kz

I want to share with you this special message that we have received in deep ritual at the Places of Power in Kazakhstan from Sirius civilization :

“The most important thing is getting together in the circle of power, as we have in the Sirius … To be together. We show tutors the most strong points on our planet where they need to meet with people and share ancient knowledge. These meetings are the seminars in cities, this is our opportunity to help people … When people come to the seminar and when they keep hands together we, Sirius civilization, we send huge power to everyone for healing, love, wealth, abundance”


Life story that happened after seminar:

One day a very pretty girl came to the seminar “how to increase personal power”. Maria, 35 years old, with a harmonious facial features, young, beautiful. But absolutely without energy. And her question was: where my strength has gone?

I have a goal. I would like to open a business, create a strong family and live on the beach in my own home. But I have no strength, even to sustain a half of regular working day at the bank. I talk to a huge number of people starting from 8 am, and at 12, I just fall down. I just want to fall into the bed and sleep until morning. But I understand that I need to work until 18:00. I drink liters of coffee. I have problems with pressure. I am getting worse. What should I do?

I want to be happy. When I watched her aura, I saw a huge hole left in the solar plexus. It turns out that the breakdown in the aura appeared because of envy of employees. Since Maria was one of the best workers, the chief paid her bonuses more times a year than to others, also she had attention to her feminine personality. Female envy has appeared from her colleagues. This energy impact brakes aura of unprotected human being. This causes leak of vital energy – personal power. Through the rituals during the seminar, through the power of the Circle of Enlighted Masters, her aura cleaned  from influence and the tutor gave her a protective object of power.  Now Maria can not only withstand a whole day in the bank, but she received a marriage proposal from the director of bank Michael, who gave her a house near the ocean. Recently Maria called me and told the news that she is not working 10 hours in the bank. And has her own female business, of course with help of the true man Mikhail. The dreams become reality when we have the power. 🙂

love couple

Advice for the evening when you had a very active day. You were working, communicating with other people, went to the supermarket for groceries, picked up the kids from the school, and so on…  In the aura remains energy of other people. Do not hurry to sit in the car or take some other transport.

  • Enjoy the fresh air, take a walk
  • Stay alone with yourself at least 20-30 minutes
  • A walk will relieve tension, fatigue and stress
  • When going to bed, play music of transformation «the blessing of goddess umai» approximately for 15-20 minutes.

This will help you to sleep well, to see well light dreams, to get strength, answers to your questions. And, perhaps,  the opportunity to meet with Angels or even God. And it means much power for the next day! 🙂

good sleep

Dears! Do not forget that it is favorable to sleep with a head to the north or east. Before going to bed ventilate the room. Do not sleep in dirty room. Cover yourself according the temperature, to feel neither hot nor cold.


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