SIBERIAN SHAMANISM. Something Weird, Or ‘We Are Not Alone Here’

A little above, off the path and the campsite, a strange tree could be seen. It was big. Even huge. It stood lonely, impossible to miss. There were some weird things hanging on the tree. Semyonych strained his eyes trying to understand what exactly was hanging there. But he couldn’t quite make out what it was.

He got up and took a few steps forward. The result was the same.

“Ladies, stay here while we go to one place.”

The women exchanged puzzled looks but decided not to argue.

“Hey, fellows, how’re you doing?” he asked the guys working at making camp.

“Everything is ready,” answered Kirill. “We can move in.”

“Ah! Come along then. I’ve spotted something interesting.”


“Over there, on the hill. The tree’s kinda weird. See it?”

“I think so. Yeah. Something is hanging there. What’s that?”

“Some tourists must’ve left their trash there,” answered Sergei. “To celebrate the end of their hike.”

“I’d like to know what it is.”

All the men roused themselves. The ancient, luring instinct for discovery was triggered in them.

“So would I,” echoed Semyonych. “Let’s go?”

“Let’s go!”

And the entire male part of the group directed their steps to that strange and unusual tree.

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