Saosh Yant slept uneasily that night. He was tossing and turning all the time. And his mind drifted somewhere between sleep and wake. The young shaman dreamt of unbridled volcanoes that had woken up from their usual slumber and were destroying everything around. The rivers of burning fiery-red lava were flowing everywhere, incinerating all that was in their way. Helpless insects, animals, people, houses, all the achievements of the “advanced civilization” – everything was burning, perishing and drowning in the violent turbulent sizzling-hot lava flows. There was such a terrible stench everywhere, as if the inferno itself swept down on the earth, and hell broke loose. What could not be destroyed by the volcanoes was easily swept down by the earthquakes. The high-rise buildings and skyscrapers collapsed instantly like houses of cards. And the poor people, scurrying here and there, didn’t even have time to understand that their lives were expiring forever within seconds. Small children, helpless old people, men, women, innocent babies, animals – everybody were equally defenseless before the raging elements. The heat was so scorching that the glaciers of the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica began to melt. The permafrost was melting too. Gigantic bubbles of underground gases rose from beneath, leaving huge holes in the earth. The oceans overflowed. Innumerable tsunamis slammed into the defenseless cities.

He saw a huge flood which was inundating everything, sparing no one. The water in the oceans was one hundred meters higher, and the flood didn’t stop until almost all the land was submerged. The rare high-rising buildings spared by the flood, their bare tops towering over the boundless surface of the water, the people scurrying on the upper floors – everything indicated that the day of Doom had come.

The large metropolises and coastal towns were the first to perish, followed by the other parts of the land. It went on until there were only small islands of life left in the Altai Mountains, the Tian Shan and Tibet.

“What’s going on? Where am I?” cried Saosh Yant, horrified.

“It’s the future of the earth,” he suddenly heard the familiar female voice behind his back.

He turned round.

“Of course! How could I forget about you?! Ayami!”

Saosh looked with awe at her beautiful stern determined face.

“Behold! Behold!” she said. There is a reason for all that. As the people have called the wrath of the spirits of place, they haven’t appreciated what nature gives them, they haven’t taken care of it, a terrible fate awaits them. They have deserved it.”

“But why?!” exclaimed the young man in despair.

“Because they have lived for the moment and have never thought of the earth’s future.”

“But what is to be done?”

“The salvation is in turning to nature, to the place of Power, so that the people could find the inside harmony with their help. Follow me!”

Saosh went after her. They flew over the hoary spires of the Altai Mountains and descended into a valley. There was a river flowing nearby. The soil had vegetation, though it was scant. The surface of the earth was even. Unscalable mountain ranges and white peaks surrounded that place.

“Where are we?” asked Saosh, looking around.

“This is where you need to set up an ecovillage,” she said sternly. “Where people will find salvation from Armageddon. You must warn everyone who is still able to hear and understand the gravity of the situation. There is no time to be lost. That is the only way to be saved. Having reunited with nature, in harmony and love with the entire earth people can find salvation here.”

“All right, but…”

Saosh didn’t have time to finish.

“There will no longer be a civilization,” said the Ayami in the end.

“But what about the people?”

“They have to learn to live in the wild. Those who won’t learn to do it will be doomed to extinction.”

Having said that, the beautiful proud woman turned and vanished into thin air.

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