How to strengthen our clan’s energy. Satsang 07.10.17

Hello everyone!

Today we will look at another way to strengthen our clan’s energy. Last time we talked about how important it is to be in nature as often as possible. Nature spirits give us strength. I want to ask you if you were able to do the homework I assigned last time?

  1. Were you able to go out to nature this week?
  2. How many times were you able to be out in nature?
  3. Please write in 2 sentences what kind of change you experienced within yourself thanks to the nature spirits.

I want to tell you that our Teacher, a White Shaman, visits the forest every day. He communicates with the nature spirits and spirits of the animals and spirits of the Earth. He puts all of the energy that he receives from the animals, the planet and nature into his music and the practices that he teaches us. He also puts it into books and articles that he writes. And we receive his energy through his creations.

Often, a person who lives in the city feels a lack of energy. He feels as if all of his energy has been taken away. Who and what sorts of things take our energy away from us?

чел в городе

Almost everything. It’s the way the social system works — it’s a system that takes energy away from people and distributes it throughout the network. That’s how a social system “feeds” off human energy.

Some people feel that when they live in society, they are constantly losing energy. That’s why they try to go out into nature as often as possible — to replenish their depleted energy resources. When we are in nature we become full of energy. We return to the city feeling strong and full of energy.

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But now we are talking about our family line, a whole clan. This means that we need much more energy. And just being in nature isn’t enough. We need a much bigger source of energy. Like what?

There are places in nature that are inhabited by very strong spirits. There are only a few of these places left on Earth. Every year there are less and less places like this. I think you know what places I am talking about. Of course, I’m talking about sacred places. These are Places of Power. Every summer we take a shamanic expedition to these hard-to-find places. Strong spirits live in these places. Some of you have already come with us on these expeditions and have felt their power firsthand.

Modern man is unfortunately destroying nature. Wherever man has come, strong spirits are abandoning those places. Last autumn, our shamans led a special expedition to Kailas. They told us about that place and said that many people have been visiting it. People come there to ask for something from the strong spirits that live there. And all the people just ask, ask, ask. The ancient spirits of this place have stopped answering people’s requests. The modern man’s relationship with these sacred places has become too consumerist. In the ancient times, when a person would come to a Place of Power, he would always do so under the supervision or guidance of a Shaman. A Shaman is able to hear the voices of the spirits. A Shaman knew what the spirits wanted and could tell the person what he needed to give them. A person would be given the knowledge about the spirits and how to conduct themselves when visiting the places of power and how to ask for what they were seeking. Only by following certain guidelines and showing respect to the spirits would the spirits then help the person with their request. As you know, these traditions aren’t followed in the modern day. As a result, the spirits of the strongest Places of Power on Earth have turned away from humans. This is the reason there are so many earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis and fires happening.

кайлас катаклизмы

This year we witnessed many such natural disasters. And thank you for joining us in our prayers that we conducted. Thanks to you we were able to avoid many terrible consequences of the disasters.

It looks like we have been able to prevent a horrible crisis on Earth. But this is only temporary. We have convinced the spirits of the natural world to settle down and give humanity another chance. But if we stop now, people won’t understand their errors and the catastrophes will start again and they will be much bigger this time.


Since we are spiritual people, we can correct the situation that is taking place on Earth. And since we are spiritual people, we can heal our own clan.

If we heal our clan, this means that our descendants will treat nature and the spirits with respect. This means that the entire Earth will transform itself.

The closest opportunity to help Earth and your clan is to participate in the seminar that will take place in a Place of Power on New Years. New Years is a very potent time of year. We will celebrate New Years at some very powerful Places of Power. There will be a seminar in Russia, Brazil and Spain. The next opportunity to help your clan and the world will be in the summer of 2018. We will take another shamanic expedition in the summer. Now we are being called by the spirits to Sacred Altai. We will surely visit there and the Places of Power there. This is where the ancient Altai people have been conducting rituals for many thousands of years. The ancient Altai legends speak about a time when many people of different nationalities will come to the sacred land of Altai and they will unite hands and join their thoughts in goodwill and through this shamanic ritual they will heal the entire planet.



принцесса камни

The Altai Princess who protects and watches over the Altai land will help these people from

different countries and nationalities. She asked us to organize this expedition into Altai and to bring people from all over the world to the sacred Altai land. She asked us to show these people the power and beauty of these ancient shamanic places and to conduct traditional shamanic rituals in these ancient places.

Now the time has come. Now it’s time for a practical exercise. Please download these photographs. Open them on your computer. Now, look at these photographs very carefully. Feel your body travel to these places. The spirits of Altai and the spirit of the Altai Princess are waiting for you in these places. As soon as you feel yourself in this Place of Power, feel the members of your family clan standing next to you there. Feel yourself and your loved ones enjoying the clean and healthy energy of these Altai places. Now, as you are doing these exercises, the power of Altai will flow to you and your loved ones. Keep your attention on the photograph for 5 minutes. For 5 minutes feel yourself and your loved ones, your clan present in this Place of Power.

Панорама_без_названия16 Панорама_без_названия7 Панорама_без_названия5

Here is your homework for next week: Print out these photographs. Then take some photographs of your relatives. It’s best to use more recent photographs. Also try to find photographs that show your relatives in full length. Cut out your relatives pictures and glue them onto the pictures of the Places of Power. Then place this picture onto your altar. Let this picture of Altai and your relatives remain standing on your altar. Then, when you go to Altai with our expedition, you can bring this photograph with you.

It is a Siberian shamanic tradition to put the following things on your altar: Items that represent the 4 elements, a picture of your Teacher, images of Gods and spirits that we respect. There is an example in the photo.


I want to remind you that the registration for the Altai expedition is already open. Per tradition, everyone who registers before New Years will receive a great gift. The gift is a group ritual at a Place of Power for everyone who registers before New Years. 

Everyone who has registered for the seminar is already protected by spirits. The spirits of Altai will help you come.

And now it is time to say goodbye. I want to wish you a good mood and positive emotions for the whole next week. See you next week.

I will be happy to receive your photographs at:

All of your photographs will accompany us to Shamanic Places of Power throughout the whole year.

In out next chat we will continue discussing the power of the clan. Now I must say “Goodbye!” Good luck in all of your affairs. May the power of your clan be with you!

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