How to work less and earn more money. Satsang 09.09.17

I’m very happy to talk to you again about prosperity and success in all spheres of life.

The topic of today’s chat is: How to work less and earn more money ” Prosperity rate”.



It has become a nice tradition here to write your name and where you’re from. Please, write us about what kind of success you have been able to achieve and in what field. What kind of changes have you witnessed when you did your homework exercises? Who was able to complete all 4 questions, who was only able to get through a couple? Please respond to them again here in the chat:

2What is your relationship with money?

How do you use money as energy? List the most unusual examples. Maybe you’ve never seen money in this way before, but that’s what it is and energy is everywhere!

What was your relationship before with money? Did you think money was either “good” or “bad”?

Share your motivation with us. What good deeds will help you earn the money?

3I want to remind you that when you read this chat and you have some questions for me, you can write them in the chat, but I will answer them ONLY 15 minutes before the end of the chat. If you see that I didn’t answer your question by the end of the chat, you can write me a private message with the question.

To answer the question of today’s chat, how to work less and earn more, we must first define “Prosperity Rate”. You have probably asked yourself sometime in your life “Why can some people earn money the same amount of money in one day that it takes others to earn in a month or even a year?” You can start earning much more as well!

You can feel it right now. You can say to yourself “My income has increased 30 times! How would I feel if I had 30 times the money that I have now in my pocket?”

You will also have more leisure time that you can devote to self-development, travel, relaxation, hobbies, sports. You will have the time and money for this. Would you like that???


First step: Calculate your “Prosperity Rate”

Calculate how much you earn in a month; a week; a day. How many hours a day do you work (include the time you travel to and from work). How much is your hourly rate? This is your Prosperity Rate!

5Second step: Define your prosperity rhythm. This is a frequency that allows you to quickly move from one action to another (not to be confused with anxiety and business). This is the ability to quickly move into a higher level of success and choose better employment opportunities. This is your ability to recognize opportunities that can provide you with better pay or growth in your career. Of course this is a learned skill and it should be developed and practiced at our seminars and retreats. I recommend that you do a diagnostic to 6determine your purpose (and more than once if necessary!). The most important thing is to learn how to use and direct your energy and attention. A great exercise for this is dynamic meditation, chaotic meditation and laughing meditation. I recommend that you do these tomorrow morning, somewhere in nature. Attention: I often see people commit the mistake of “putting things off” or “overthinking things” and not doing the work! Avoid doing this!

There is a risk of “breaking down” from gaining too much speed without proper preparation. There needs to be a step-by-step growth plan and balance in your progress. This is called “maintaining methods for safe growth”. I’m talking about two things here.

7First, don’t immediately chase after the big goal. You should aim at a reasonable growth of income, like 1.5 times your current income, for example. Second, when you want to earn more money, it is important to create a program for developing your body and senses. For example, you know that you want to earn 1.5 times more than your current income, then this means you want to do 1.5 times more health activities (yoga, dance, combat sports).

Also, do more of the “Field of Love” exercise and this way you will achieve harmony as well as prosperity!

8We often forget about the law of “The Volume of Prosperity”.

When you help those in need and you do this with authentic desire to help, we allow the Universe to send us a flow of success and prosperity!

This week help someone in need, the elderly or someone who doesn’t have enough food.

Most importantly, as you have already probably realized, prosperity isn’t based on just information that you read. It is present in the energy that you receive, the flash of inspiration, understanding, power that transfers to you! There are many seminars and workshops in Brazil right now. Many of the people that conduct the seminars are prone to get caught up in difficult situations, depression, have physical ailments. Some of them come tome to get cleansed. In order to do healing ceremonies, it’s not enough to just have those abilities. It is important to constantly learn and heal yourself.

For example, I have been learning my whole life. And I am continuing to learn from my enlightened teacher.

Even now, every 3 months, I go and visit Him to a spiritual retreat to cleanse and learn new techniques. Master’s energy has the ability to create miracles at the retreats, or even at the presentations. I can say the same thing about every single instructor that leads our chats. Sometimes a person may have come to a couple of workshops and then he thinks that he can help 9others and tell them about prosperity. As a result these people end up absorbing a lot of other people’s problems. Then they share these problems with other people when they come to the seminars. It’s important to not only know how to pick fruit in the store, but also to know how to choose the cleanest flow of energy and knowledge from a reliable source. I can share with you much more on this subject, but it’s best if you read it for yourself in the book called “After Death” under the chapter “Spiritualistic Seance”. This excerpt talks about how important correct intentions and correct contacts are.


“…I call upon you, Spirit of Tutanhamon,” called a long-haired young man with a long nose.

He half-closed his eyes and tuned in. “Tell us how can we become wealthy?”

The saucer started rolling around the paper. Yan saw that many spirits started flying around the people that were sitting at the table. Each one was trying to give their answer to them. There was also some sort of statue-looking spirit. It looked like Tutanhamon.

Suddenly the medium got into contact with some spirit that looked like a furry toad with bat wings. A spiraling whirlwind formed between the two and the toad started answering the medium with an unpleasant croaky voice.

“Yes,” said Sapphire with disappointment in her voice. He couldn’t tune in properly and this lowly spirit answered instead of Tutanhamon.

“Why is Tutanhamon so strange looking?”

“It’s not actually Tutanhamon,” replied Sapphire, looking at the lifeless statue. “He’s long since reincarnated on Earth. This is his memory. When a person reincarnates he leaves his memory in the subtle plane. That’s why it doesn’t remember anything from its previous life.”

The toad continued answering people’s questions. Some other spirit that looked like a mole with fly wings tried to push its away and answer the questions.

10I recommend that you gain great faith in yourself and in your powers and that you believe that you have a good fate and that you deserve a better life!

My wish for you this week is:

First, calculate your “Prosperity Rate”. See by how much you can increase it. Start with 30%.

11Second, define your Prosperity Rhythm. In the course of the week do at least 3 dynamic meditations (dynamic dance, chaotic meditation, laughing meditation). Write down in your agenda when you plan on doing these right now! 

And now do a “I deserve a better life!” exercise.

Read the instructions and then do it for five minutes, okay?

Stand up. Turn on Music for Good Influence on Luck (I know that many of you have it already).

Stand in front of a mirror, straighten your shoulders out, look yourself in the eyes and with maximum confidence tell yourself “I deserve a better life!” Repeat this phrase for five minutes.

If you are in a group with like-minded people, stand in a circle together. Have one person stand in the middle and say “I deserve a better life” and the rest of the people respond “Yes, you deserve a better life!” Repeat for each individual. You can also do this exercise in pairs.

To make the effect of the exercise last into the next day, use an amulet that has been charged at a Place of Power. You can choose an amulet here:

If you’re by yourself then do this for five minutes, if you’re in a group, do this for 1-2 minutes per individual.

Let’s begin!

 Thank you for your attention. Until we meet again, next week.

Next week’s topic is how to get rid of debt and loans.



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