Music “Kali – liberation from Previous Relationships with Men”

Disc 3: «Kali – liberation from previous relationships with men»

Kali-liberation from previous contacts

Music of transformation will help you to BREAK THE CONNECTION. Breaking the energetic connection is a powerful cleaning of female energy from previous relationships with men, who “consume” our energy are constantly even after the breakup, slowing down the process of accumulation and retention of our energy for us and our beloved. Also, it is a clearance of unpleasant situations in life and the society that we want to forget or change. Getting rid of resentments, which are one of the main causes of diseases in pelvic organs that subconsciously drive people away from us.

With this music of transformation you will:

– break the threads of energy that feed previous partners;
– regain lost energy to you and your partner;
– open yourself to new relationships or improve relationships with your man;
– become more energy-filled;
– get rid of past hurts, pains and fears, that will help you to open yourself and not to be afraid of new relationships, to forgive and let go;
– learn how to clear your energy field;
– learn just to LOVE, LIVE, give and receive PLEASURE.

If you want to treat the issue of your further purification very seriously, I suggest you more deep practices that will help to perform cleaning and filling of the female womb to build a happy life. To do this, you can take private lesson via Skype: “Holistic cleansing from energy ties with past sexual partners”


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