The healing effect of shamanic music of transformation

Music exists since immemorial times and has a great influence in all of us. It has the ability to awaken different emotional states in our being.

Like an athlete that found its gift at a very young age and was able to achieve a level of excellence in its sport that we can only regard has fantastic, so some people dedicated their lives to understand the spiritual truth and the laws of the Universe. They were able to do this through prayer and deep meditation and are now they are transmit to you what they have found.

At first, It might be almost incomprehensive to the people that are not yet familiar with this knowledge all the possibilities that exist!

But now, in this time of trouble in our planet, this great knowledge can reach many people in the form of the universal language of music.

This special music was created to convey the state of meditation, to help to relief from emotional pain and stress. To create a state of inspiration to the listener that will help him or her to transform their life, bringing freedom of thought and helping him to get in contact with the unique individual talents that exist in each one of us. People who listen to this music will be able to find solutions to the problems of the everyday life, and see life through a different vision.

Make the listening of this music your meditation. Choose a relaxed environment, for example your room. You can do it sitting in a comfortable position or has a dynamic meditation moving your body to the sound of the music. You can even do it with a group of likeminded people.

Before you start remember to connect yourself with the light of your soul by chanting the mantra “Aum” our by saying a prayer that comes to your heart.

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