Exalted Emotions

Exalted emotions are a crucial factor in spiritual growth and evolution. They are like food for the soul that helps it grow. Exalted emotions connect you with the higher plane, with God. They create an aura of protection from any evil around a person. They create an energy of luck and heal the body. They are a method of solving all of our problems.

If exalted emotions are cultivated by group of people, like in the example of creating a Field of Love, then they are capable of healing a sick person, creating harmony and peace in the family and in the world, can help resolve any conflict and even prevent natural disasters. Conversely, negative emotions have a detrimental effect on health, attract negative destructive situations and create an energetic field that attracts misfortune and conflict. If a group of people cultivates negative emotions, they can influence the creation of wars and natural disasters. This is why it is so important to do various spiritual practices like “Time of Tears” as often as possible. This will help you cultivate exalted emotions. Listen to divine music and church singing and try to find experiences (movies, hikes) that will open your heart up to love, kindness, compassion. Separate yourself from dishonesty and attachment to negative emotions. Suppressing negativity within you isn’t enough. You need to eliminate the thoughts and beliefs that create negative emotions within you. They often hide under the mask of righteousness, various justifications, suspiciousness and illusion.

Emotions appear when we attach ourselves to a situation, an idea or a belief that create them. This is why when we experience negative emotions, we should first examine the cause by asking ourselves: “What am I identifying with? What is killing me?”

Next, we need to find what illusion, what lie, created these emotions. For example, imagining something bad that can happen to you will create fear. Jealousy, comparing yourself to others, being attached to someone or something, false righteousness, being offended, thinking that something isn’t right, anger — all of these things create negative emotions. Often a person doesn’t notice the lie at the root of his negative emotions. He creates all manners of self-justifications. But if you carefully observe yourself and become aware of your inner processes you can notice how negative emotions appear and start working to eliminate them. It is helpful to try to remember how these negative emotions were planted into your psyche as a child, when you imitated adults or were taught to react in certain ways. Maybe your mother exhibited jealousy toward your father or your father expressed explosive anger when something didn’t go his way? Or maybe you were constantly compared to your peers and told that someone was better than you? This can help you understand the process of how negative emotions arise in you.

The basis of negative emotions is the painful attachment to the idea of “self”, i.e. the ego and the illusion of a false identity created by a sick society.

It is important to understand that the idea of you, of who you are, is completely fabricated. Ideas such as race, nationality, belonging to a religious confession or a social class, are all just labels and make up the false identity. These labels are the basis of negative emotions and do not truly make up who you are. They should be regarded with a sense of humor. You should learn how to laugh at yourself for identifying with labels and everything you attach yourself to.

Exalted emotions are also created on the basis of ideas, but of a different kind — the kind that take a person outside the boundaries of ordinary life — ideas like divine kindness, love, mercy, compassion, grace, sympathy, helping people, serving a higher purpose, etc. When we focus our attention on these thoughts and feel these states emotionally, we experience exalted emotions and connect to a higher plane. Self-sacrifice and self-denial helps us shed the ego.


“How we pray, how we repent”


What does it mean to pray mechanically? How do you create a relationship with God?


There are false positive emotions that should be eliminated because they are just the reverse of negative emotions. Pride and vanity are just the opposite side of self-pity. Gloating is then replaced by jealousy, aggression, taking offense to something when it happens to you rather than the other person. The excitement of profit is quickly replaced with fear that you can lose everything. False excitement is replaced by disappointment, etc. This is why it is important to not succumb to false positive emotions.

When authentic exalted emotions become very intense, they unite with the highest forms of emotions. At this time you might experience clarity and you have sudden insight of how to live and what to devote yourself to, etc. This is a moment of revelation from the divine plane.

Every spiritual practice is meant to incite exalted emotions. This is how it can be determined if the practice was successful. Otherwise, the exercise was done mechanically, only with the body or mind, and without the engagement of the soul.

You should try to tune into feeling love for people and the whole world often. Feel this in your heart and try spreading it to your surroundings. It is best to do this while taking full breaths.

Repentance – Is the exalted emotion of surrendering to God. It isn’t depression, or pessimism, or self-flagellation or dejection. It is renunciation of evil, automatism, falsehood, identification with illusion. Exalted emotions can be cultivated anywhere — in transportation, while listening to divine signing, while eating (if, for example you remember how many people die from hunger, while God has given you plenty to eat), etc. Spiritual practice without exalted emotions doesn’t work. It becomes a formal exercise and completely useless. Exalted emotions feed the soul and elevate it to God.

Love- Is the foundation of all exalted emotions. To unlock great love, it is necessary to cultivate the whole spectrum of exalted emotions. These are the main ones: joy, generosity, forgiveness, humility, conscience, gratitude, kindness, compassion, dedication, openness, sincerity, sympathy, mercy and many others.

Singing- In the old times, and even not that long ago, people used to sing while doing work. This was done so as to activate the emotional center and cultivate exalted emotions and to put their heart into their work. This tradition should be revitalized. We shouldn’t work like slaves or horses. Courses should be organized so people can learn spiritual songs so they can sing them while they work.

It is good to sing as a chorus of 2 to 4 people in a room while doing physical work. If a person is working by himself he can sing whatever he wants. The most important thing is to awaken exalted emotions and put your soul into your work. This way, you can think about the good work you are doing and that you are sending love into the world by serving God.

It is also good to sing while you are hiking or waiting for something or in any other situation — “Sing it!” as the expression goes. Next, to work well, a person needs to turn on their intellectual center. That way he can observe what parts of his “I” turn on and work. Since this is difficult to do, a sound can be used to help people achieve this state of awareness. In old times, a bell would be used for this purpose in schools and at church. In Tibetan chanting, there are cymbals and pipes that play when there is a break in song. You can use your alarm clock on your phone for this purpose. When it starts ringing, pause for a moment to do a “Stop” exercise. Then briefly pray to God and ask him for exalted emotions and awareness and then go back to work.

If you are doing real work, 3 of your centers should be engaged and not only 1. If only 1 center is engaged, this creates an energetic misbalance and a person becomes one-sided.

You should also try to detach yourself from false self-identifying with your work or any other situation. To do this, try to see yourself from the perspective of another person and think “I am an actor, I am playing this role right now. I am on a movie set.” Do this somewhat played up, exaggeratedly, so that you can create a gap between your consciousness, body and identity.


Exalted and Negative Emotions


Every person has a treasure chest of unused riches inside of him, treasures that he has buried deep down — exalted emotions. There are also hideous spiders, tarantulas, scorpions and snakes inside of him. They create constant suffering and torture for him. These are called negative emotions. He needs to open up the diamonds within him — the exalted emotions. In this divine state of grace, all evil will leave his soul. This is the way to God, to salvation.


Conscious Love

In the Bible, Jesus asked Peter three times whether he loves him consciously (John 21:15-17). There are two meanings of the word in Greek, the language the Bible was written in. One means mechanical love and the other, conscious. Peter answered Jesus three times that he loved him (mechanically). At that time he still didn’t understand the difference between conscious and mechanical love.

This difference becomes especially evident when we try to love our enemies. We can’t love them in the usual sense of the word love, so we try to intentionally cultivate feelings of love towards them.


A regular person only knows mechanical love. He divides things into simple categories: he loves some things and he doesn’t love other things. This type of love often goes against our false identity. We can fall in love with a married person, a criminal, a person who doesn’t treat us well. And regardless of our false identity’s protests, our emotional center can experience love towards this unsuitable person. Conversely, our emotional center can stop loving a person, say our husband, whom we should love, based on our false identity’s societally-formed beliefs and who might be ideal for us in every way. Our emotional center can simply lose its attraction to this person, despite the mind’s attitude. We do not really have control over these processes. A person doesn’t know who he will fall in love with and who and when he’ll fall out of love with. All of this usually happens unexpectedly for a person and it doesn’t adhere to strict rules of logic. Rather, it adheres to the emotional center’s irrational principle of functioning and a person has little knowledge of its inner workings.


Conscious love appears intentionally when a person learns how to control his emotional center and cultivated exalted emotions. This happens when a person learns how to build relationships towards people on his own will, in the process cultivating the most important feeling — love. The apex of this process is the ability to experience love towards your enemies. It is common that a person doesn’t even know how to love himself or his friends. This is why it can be so difficult to love your enemies.

The process occurs in several different stages.

First — forgiveness. A person must forgive people, just as Jesus Christ did on the cross when he said, “Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” You must see in your enemies, the misguided lost souls, victims of circumstance that have become enemies without consciously being aware of it. Everything in their life is happenstance. They are slaves to public opinion and the influences of the planets and life has you and them on separate sides of a barricade. Some people are your friends and some are your enemies. These are just roles in God’s great cosmic theater. This type of attitude will help you see the situation from another perspective and to stop experiencing negative emotions towards your enemies.

The next step is to start thinking about how we are all children of God and sooner or later we will all finally understand this (on the subtle plane after we die). When we reunite with God we will perceive our enemies as brothers and sisters. We will see that only through ignorance and short-sightedness did we perceive them as enemies. We will realize that we are all part of one God and that we should love our enemies for they are a part of God, just as we are, and that they are just acting in the role of our enemies in God’s great game. Such thoughts will help us see the situation from a different perspective.

Next, you can tune into the feeling of love by focusing on something that you love and then expanding this feeling. Transfer that feeling to those that you once considered your enemies.

This is the way that conscious love that Jesus spoke to Peter about can be achieved. “God is love. Whoever abides in love abides in God. There is no fear in love, for fear is suffering Whoever is fearful is imperfect in love, perfect love defeats fear.”

Peter became fearful when Christ was crucified. He denied him three times, just as Christ had predicted. This happened because Peter hadn’t been conscious. He had inner conflict. One part of him loved Christ and the other became fearful that he would be crucified as well. Peter lacked inner consistency.

Conscious love can exist constantly, regardless of external circumstances, because a conscious person is aware of all of the processes occurring within himself. He is able to remain consistent under pressure of external circumstances and doesn’t become enslaved by them.


The Root of Evil

What prevents people from manifesting peace on Earth and how can it be achieved?

If everyone on Earth was kind and loved each other, were compassionate, sympathetic, merciful and experienced all of the other exalted emotions, Earth would be heaven.


As soon as this separation occurs, wars, conflicts, the desire to conquer and destroy arise. This is the reason for wars between countries, nationalistic conflicts, crusades, jihad, witch hunts. Separation creates ego and this leads to conflict between people. These types of separating distinctions are very useful for politicians, who latch on the idea of separation and try to head the movement by pitting people against each other on ideological grounds. Christians are pitted against all other religions, the Muslims — against Christians. Hitler riled Germans against other nations, Lenin stirred the poor masses against the rich minority, etc. All of this led to wars, conflict, murder, rape and in the end, both sides suffered.

The idea of separation has rooted itself so deeply inside people’s minds that it has created the ego and now people are in constant conflict with each other. There are power struggles even in the family —“Who’ll take the trash out?”. There is constant competition — “Who’s first? Who’ll be left behind?

Who’s more rich? Who’s poor? Who’ll become CEO? Who’ll get a promotion?” All of this creates negative emotions and hell on Earth.

To put an end to this horrible situation people need to cultivate exalted emotions and work to eliminate the idea of separation from their minds. People need to learn to view everyone as brothers and sisters, to learn to be more heartfelt, kinder and instead of trying to separate from each other, to try to unite with each other in love, to help each other, to try to do more kind deeds for each other.

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