Conscious meditation: How to practice it step by step

conscious meditation

There are people who don’t know the taste of consciousness and who are unable to see their dreams and connect with God. To achieve this, practicing conscious meditation is fundamental. In the following article we tell you how to do it.

God hears us and responds in the language of emotions and states. Listening to what God wants to tell us will help us to find ourselves and reach our happiness.

Personal spirituality must be nourished consciously with high impressions, so that it grows. This is related to the teacher, to God. The stronger the bond, the greater. It is necessary to find food every day for her to focus on the high, otherwise it can weaken and perish.

In today’s article, based on the wisdom written in the book After the Death that you can find and download on our website, you can find this complete chapter. We begin, to reflect, with the fable of the golden fish.

The fable of the golden fish

Once a man caught a golden fish and was told that he would fulfill any of his desires. The man, hesitant, thought what to ask:

  • Money? But if he becomes ill and crippled, the money won’t help him.
  • Health? But you can die.
  • Immortality? Maybe in a thousand or two thousand years his existence is bored and he wants to die.
  • Fame? Enemies can hurt you and be imprisoned.

He thought for a long time until he came to the conclusion that he lacked the understanding to understand things and asked to have it.

When he became wise he understood that the most important thing is to be with God, to have continuous contact with him, to attain samadhi, the total fusion with God and, through him, to achieve all that can only be dreamed of.

Because God is everything, what exists and can exist, but how to achieve it? The golden fish has left, what to do?

Then he realized that the only way to him is plead to God himself, only he can grant it to him. And the man, every day and night, began to remind himself as often as he could.

Pray to God to grant him that relationship with him. And when, more frequently and for the greater duration, he focused on it, he began to find himself in divine states of love, blessing, silence, understanding and peace. He took one step closer to God, and God gave another to the man.

Conscious meditation

This continued until diluted in mahasamadhi, melting into him forever, acquiring infinity, everything that existed, exists and will exist, and all that is not possible to describe or express, or think about it.


Pre-Meditation Practices

It is advisable to read poetry prior to conscious meditation. To do that which stimulates a high state: poetry, spiritual songs, some texts, memories about the spiritual master, anything (is something individual for each one) that motivates a high emotion.

At the moment it creates abundant astral energy and it is easier to be conscious.

That is why in the gospel it says “awake (take conscience) and pray.” When awareness arises it is good to perform a prayer because only in a conscious state does it become a link with the higher emotional center and, through it, with God.

That is why the practice of conscience must be interspersed with prayer and with those things that stimulate the elevated state, so that they strengthen one another.

Also, so that the tamas of the body doesn’t interrupt the awareness, before and after the session should be carried out walks, dance, yoga, etc. When the body is animated it is easier to be conscious.

We must try different ways (accentuation in the awareness), to disconnect the dialogue, to be here and now, stillness and inner silence. To see oneself from the outside, to feel the center from which the attention is born, to perceive the breath, etc. This allows you to see all the nuances of this practice.

You also have to take care of the relaxation of the face, practice the murchha, the breathing slow, watch the moment when you again sink into sleep.

How to meditate consciously

At the beginning, all these things have to be developed alternately, a practice or start a new one every 2 to 3 minutes and abandon the previous one. Then extend the time to 5 to 10 minutes per practice.

Look for 10 to 20 minutes for some nice view or a flame without engaging in dialogue, perceiving oneself, at least bodily (the place where the attention starts), trying not to distract.

Observe what is immersed in the dream: thoughts, associations, imagination, which is what makes it impossible to stay awake.

During periods of consciousness, evasion can also be cultivated, a gap between consciousness and sensations, thoughts, etc. To connect with the organs of the senses to pass the accounts concentrating on the perceptions.

Chewing gum for flavor, incense for smell, music (bird song, etc.) for hearing, contemplation (yantra, flower) for sight.

Perform alternately for 3 to 8 minutes. Then after a pause, connect another sensitive organ.

Each one should detect when it is easier for them to concentrate and resort to that body for meditation at a higher level. Accentuate the perception of that organ in the mantra, yantra, mudra and other ways of putting that organ into operation.
In the end, we must unify all these methods to expand awareness. Perform a meditation with all the organs of the senses.

The prayers to God

God hears us and responds in the language of emotions and states. Prayers to God must begin by imploring forgiveness of sins, then asking for understanding so that the thoughts of people change, that they can see the way out and understand that what they need is something else.

You have to be open to all the answers and it is important to know that God helps those who serve him by developing themselves and supporting others. That is why it is the first thing to be asked for, because in it is the evolution of the soul, development.

Therefore, begin now to pray to God to receive contact with him, to be in him, to transform with his influence. Open to the influence of his love, wisdom, blessing, stillness that descend.

conscious meditation

Try more often and be in that state and implore, focus on it and teach others to look for it.

It is the most important and primordial of all, because we do not have a fish, but we know what to do. He will fulfill his conscious desire if this will always be addressed to him. So wake up and pray.

Watch what hinders your concentration and observe what you must do to concentrate. First of all, it is necessary that from the heart, that the emotions awaken, because God hears the voice of the heart and responds in the language of the emotions.

For example,  you can use this video for meditation:

We hope that the article has been useful to you and help you to find high thoughts and images of self-denial, service, etc., that awaken the heart. See you soon!

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