Authentic Shamanism: The call of the spirits

Everyone should read this book! Ancient shamanic knowledge, mysteries of revealing the power of lineage and superpowers, and obtaining the assistant Spirits and communication with the higher worlds. The whole book is filled with the knowledge of a man who is the student of a true hereditary Siberian Shaman in these modern days. There is a lot of gossip and rumors about Shamanism or other ancient pre-Christian cultures nowadays. Reading this book, you can feel and make up your own opinion about what Spirits, Shamans, and Shamanism really are. Do you know that some Spirits are the cause of disease or conflicts? Do you know that health and even luck are also Spirits? Start taking Shamanic advice and check it for yourself. This book is a hands-on workshop. Start applying all the advice of the old and wise Shaman in your life right away… Siberian Shamanism is modern, simple, and effective.


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