What to Expect After the Seminar

By the end of 2017, more that 30 tutors analyzed their experience in almost 30 years of leading seminars and found the following results after attending the School’s seminars:

  • 10% of participants would discover that their problem would already be resolved by the time they would come home.
  • 70% of participants confirm that all of their expectations would materialize within one week of the end of the seminar
  • 10% of people who attended the seminar responded that their wish materialized within a month
  • 10% of participants would intentionally lose contact with people and isolate themselves.

A survey showed that:

The 1st category of people who participated in the seminar initially came in thinking about other people and, for example, having read about some natural disaster, thinking of ways to help people on Earth.

The 2nd category of people were the ones who attended the seminar with a specific question, usually something that had been bothering them for a while and they tuned into the tutor’s advice to find a solution.

The 3rd category of people didn’t have specific desires or goals, but they were open to the ideas of the seminar.

The 4th category of people were those who were attached to some sort of desires that didn’t correspond with their conscious will.

You can determine what category you fall in to based on the actions you take after the seminar:

1st category people are usually very happy after the seminar. They tell everyone about their experience and spread their positivity to others. This state, combined with feelings of gratitude, not only last for a long time, but also attract more success and luck to the people. They want to be active, do things, help the School, people, the whole world.


2nd category people are less emotional and are more rational. They are more stable in doing the recommendations they received at the seminar. This helps them see the usefulness of the advice. Their feeling of wellbeing increases, their relationships with others improve, their work environment also improves. These types of people are able to notice changes in their lives and usually decide to continue attending seminars.


3rd category people look very calm on the outside. This can also be applied to their life — it seems that nothing is happening in their lives. In reality this is just the universal law of energy exchange — the less a person is involved in something, the less energy he receives in return. And conversely, if a person has an open and welcoming attitude towards life, his dream will manifest (but slower than people who are emotionally-active and invested.)


4th category people usually close themselves off after attending a seminar. After leaving an environment filled with positive people, their subconscious counteracts the pain of jealousy and other negative emotions with thoughts like “tutors said something wrong”, “the seminar was ineffectual”, “they people weren’t this or that”, etc. This is how the subconscious creates justifications for not having to deal with positive people. Sometimes a person will start seeking confirmation of these thoughts by attracting various gossip and misinformation. This is a sure sign that the person is victim to an energetic vampire, when some sort of foreign energy is dictating to him what to do in order to save its existence within him. (Exorcism is an example of expelling such energy out of a person. The practice is present in Christian, Muslim, shamanic and other world traditions).


Tutors also studied the effects of seminars of various levels and concluded that the more intense a seminars is (business-level, a tour to a Place of Power, best-student-conference and other seminars that brings students together for close interaction over a period of many days), the more chances a person has to fall into the 4th category of people. This is because the more united and strong a field of positive energy is, the more provocative it is for evil spirits. In this case, it is important to talk to tutors and receive individual assistance, so that they can help eliminate foreign influence.

Remember: the more altruistic and selfless your goals are, the more help you will receive!

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