Solstice Ritual

Ritual on Summer Solstice
It is ancient celebration, which are the strongest from 4 traditional celebrations (spring equinox, summer solstice, autumn equinox, winter solstice).
The celebration of summer solstice – it is wonderful time for rituals: to attract wealth, rise female beauty, rise health and sexuality, do rituals for collecting herbs, for house protection. On this time, energy is good to forgive, attract new love, to attract soul of child, wealth, success, protection and health. This day – is Power of the Sun and Nature, because they are in their highest level, this day is day of fire. In Siberian shamanism, the rituals with fire was protecting people and all his wealth from all evil, from black magic and spells of witches, from evil power.
That’s why very important to prepare for this ritual:
– Chose place of power, better in the nature. The best, it could be place near to the water (lake or river). In the extra situation, ritual can be done inside.
– Outside in the nature, it is important to prepare a fire. If you doing ritual inside, prepare candle on metallic plate.
– Clothes for women and men should be long till the floor. Long skirt, wide pants.
– Take with you: food for tea, bread for spirits, papers or other things to make fire, compass, food for shamanic Higher spirits ( something cooked by yourself, cooked with good thoughts and with joy, that it is cooked for spirits), take things that will be like projection of Higher spirits – it is object for world of infinity your personal object of power, the beloved one; for world of future – feathers, for world of present – fresh flowers; for world of past – small broken things or picture of death. If you have pictures of Higher shamanic spirits, take them with you (if you have shamanic Taro cards “Knowledge of ancestors” take pictures from them), papers, bags for trash.
– It is important to come on the ritual with goals, which you already planned, how I will develop, help other people around me and help Master to share the knowledge of spiritual tradition on Earth.
Should be done on 21 of June
When you will came on the Place of Power, chose the place, to keep harmony in the field
Stand all together in the circle. Everybody should take piece of bread. Feed the spirits of place with words “The Spirits of place, please receive our sacrifice, to accept our respect and reverence to you. Be benevolent to us.” Now put the piece of bread for spirits. Trust to your body and put the piece there, where you like: under the tree or foam.
In the center of the field, it is very important to keep in safe forest. It is possible to take a bowl for a fire or in the correct way to create the place for fire. Keep forest safe!
First part  – Ritual of cleaning.
Remember all difficult situation in financial sphere, which you had during the year. Remember the influence spirit of consume, spirit of fear, spirit of greed, envy, spirit of narcissism.
Remember your diseases, spirits of illness, which are eating you.
Stand in the circle around the fire.  Person, who are providing ritual says to the spirit of fire: “Spirit of fire clean us from all, that we collected. From consume, greed, envy, fears, narcissism. Take all this away. It is not mine. It this magical moment, fire of spirit, you have the higher power, I am asking you, how was asking you the ancestors. Help, clean and burn from all evil.” After provider putting in forest веточки зверобоя
Stand around the fire and start to go around against clockwise side around yourself, in this moment make a circle to the against clockwise side around the fire. If situation are very serious, than it is necessary to do 3 circle around the fire.
Second part – are fielding with energy for all year, for all good plans.
Let’s start to create altars for Higher spirits and God’s.
With compass try to understand стороны света, than cut the small papers for the same quantity, how many people are participating in ritual. Cut these papers on 4 pieces. Write down on each piece of paper the names of the shamanic worlds. You create one group, where will be written the world of infinity. The second on each piece of paper will be written world of future. The third group written world of present. The last one – world of past.
When you will know the стороны света определены, ask for help of spirits to choose one piece of paper with the name of the world, which now will necessary to work with in the ritual.  Now shuffle the papers and each person are choosing one piece of paper. Share all people on 4 groups, like on 4 worlds. Now on the сторонам света create an altars. In the center of altar use the attributes, which you toke specially for ritual. Also use the natural materials.
When everything is finished. We start to do next ritual step all together, but each are doing by himself.
Take in the hands prepared food for Gods. Share on 4 pieces.
Stand affront with face востоку. Say the ritual words to the God of infinity: “O, God Tengri, receive our sacrifice, to accept our respect and reverence to you. Be benevolent to us.” and put close to the altar piece of ritual food.
Stand affront with face юг. Say the ritual words to the God of future: “O, God Ulgen, receive our sacrifice, to accept our respect and reverence to you. Be benevolent to us.” and put close to the altar piece of ritual food.
Stand affront with face запад. Say the ritual words to the Godess of present: “O, Goddess Umai, receive our sacrifice, to accept our respect and reverence to you. Be benevolent to us.” and put close to the altar piece of ritual food.
Stand affront with face север. Say the ritual words to the God of past: “O, God Erlik, receive our sacrifice, to accept our respect and reverence to you. Be benevolent to us.” and put close to the altar piece of ritual food.
Now once again turn to the God Tengri. Now ask the Higher Spirits for their support and help for all year, and all life.
Ask Tengri for help in self-development, help in the spiritual grow to your close people in the linage, children. Ask for all world, that all humanity could grow in spirituality on our Earth
Ask Ulgen help in your plans on this year. Ask support and help for future to develop your linage. Ask help for all world, that finally our world could receive new future, united, spiritual and pure.
Ask Umai health, harmony and beauty for yourself. For your family members. Of course for all people on Earth.
Ask Erlik to take from you what you don’t need, what are stopping you on your way – consume, greed, envy, fear, narcissism. For family members ask Erlik to take away debts, credits, diseases. But for all our world ask cleaning from old thinking, to open and accept new harmonized thoughts.
Afters say gratitude to God’s. Also each one by one, turning by clockwise side from Tengri.
Now is time for tea ceremony! I wish that your forest table would be beautiful, with fresh food and delicious! Charge it asking for Umai blessing. Charge it with power of nature, power of all nature spirits!
Eat it all together, feed each other, take care about each other and gratitude each toher, spirits, God’s and world!
In the end say gratitude for spirits of the place, pound down.
Leave the field clean and опрятной.
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