Yoga of Dreaming. Satsang 31.03.2018

Dreams of a shaman. Reading signs in dreams. Disclosure of shamanic abilities through dreams. 

Often people have nightmares, they do not get enough sleep

Yoga of Dreaming

Dreams – this is a delicate ( subtle) plan, where the soul coming to rest from the heavy physical world. Everything is easier and simplier there, but in a dream a person is more unconscious than he is in reality. The future comes to us from the dream world (subtle plan). All bright positive images have a good value: beautiful clothes, furnishings, objects. And dirty clothes, a storm, broken things, snakes that bite – bad ones. (There will be examples of dreams and how this affects a person).

In Altai you will learn an exercise which will help you how you can learn through dreams to predict the future. If you develop the ability to manage dreams, then you can meet with Kudai Kam in dreams, fly to the places of power, dive into the past and the future. To do this, we’ll do the exercise right now. It is necessary to imagine the place of Power, where you want to fly in a dream. Or meet with Kudai Kam. But immediately it is difficult to do, we need a strong concentration in our eyebrow.

If you do this before going to sleep, then learn in dreams to travel where you want and meet with whom you want.

But often there is not enough concentration to do this exercise. It helps to develop the concentration with the crystal of dreams, with this crystal please meditate during 10 minutes with the music of Good Impact ( Music of Transformation). Or meditate on Sri-Yantra ( before going to bed. You may also meditate on the image of Kudai Kam. Then it is much easier to “tune” dreams, and after such a dream journey you will be more filled with strength and luck, health will be with you.

Through dreams you can form a necessary event or release the body from disease. But this will be giving separately, on individual training.

Imagine a well-known room, feel yourself in it. Feel yourself in this room with your body, walk, examine, everything the way you do it usually.

If this works, then you are now in the reality of a dream, but you are in the past of your apartment. And now bring it to the present, do not remember it, but feel how you come into it today, now. And see the brownie. Just wish to see it.

And then transfer to the future, imagine how you will enter the apartment in a month. And the vision should change again.

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