Gyud Method to Uncover Your Potential. Satsang 25.11.2017




We will continue on the theme of “Using the Gyud Method to Uncover Your Potential”. Today’s chat topic is “Spiritual Name, a Quick Way to Uncover Your Potential.”

The physical name that you were given at the time of birth by your parents might not be your true name. These are just the names of our physical shell in this real life.


Our true name is hidden in the very core of our being, in the very heart of it. This is the name of our soul. To make a choice to receive your spiritual name (and to use it) means to be born anew, to be reborn aligned with your higher purpose.

Receiving a new name is helpful to you every time you use it, hear it, say it, meditate on it.

Your sacred name is one of the first steps on the path to freedom from old patterns of behavior. It’s the first step to accepting your new direction and your spiritual identity.

Your spiritual name is like your rebirth…

Your spiritual name stores the key to your higher purpose.


Your spiritual name defines your destiny, your individual gifts that were written in the stars at the time of your birth.

Your spiritual name is a strong tool for meditation.

Your spiritual name is a vibration that helps raise your energy levels with the help of the divine essence of sound.

It is your soul’s spiritual identification.

Your spiritual name is your calling to live in complete self-awareness and consciousness. It helps you to move towards your higher goal. If you have made the choice to receive your spiritual name, you are making a step towards a life, where there is no more room for old habits; a life that can help you unite with eternity.

Your spiritual name speeds up your progression on your journey to your higher purpose. It blesses your inseparable bond with the divine nature within you.

In the moment of your spiritual name’s initiation, a Divine Code starts working in your aura, on a subtle level of being. It contains all of our best qualities, talents and abilities. That’s why it’s so important to receive your spiritual name from your Master, through an initiation ritual.

How does this work? When the Master gave me my spiritual name, my life completely changed. He said, “Your name translates as ‘Bird of Freedom’. Go forth into the world and help people become free!” And so I went! ☺


The name that’s given to you by an instructor, or better yet, by Master himself, carries in it transformational power. it’s like a mantra. Every time that a person pronounces that name, he is praying. God awakens in him. In my case, every time a person says Shakuntali, he receives freedom of the soul and starts following his higher purpose. So when you receive your spiritual name, you not only become better, but you also help others feel God in their hearts.

Do you know the names of the leading mentors in your city? Find out and then you’ll know what kind of Power is close to you! Master personally gives the mentors names during a special time in a Place of Power in Siberia. That’s where we’ll be going in 2018.

I want to tell you that this year, the strongest astrological time to receive a name is during the New Year. The mentors will be giving out names. The names that people receive during this time of year at a Place of Power will be 10 times more powerful.

Mentors will be in Places of Power in Brazil and Spain for New Years.

My dear friends! Now it’s time for questions, I feel like you have many of them! ☺

AN EXERCISE AS A GIFT! My dear friends, now we’ll listen to a recording of Master singing a mantra. It was recorded in our last session at Lake Baikal in Siberia. It is full of Power. Let’s feel our souls filling up with the subtle energy of the Places of Power in Siberia. Let’s imagine ourselves in wild nature, surrounded by mountains and fresh air and let’s sing the mantra to ourselves.


I love you very much and I wish you success in all your endeavors on the way to self-improvement!

Feel free to ask questions and write to your Master!

Until we meet again! I wish you prosperity, my dears!

May the blessings of the Great Teacher be with each one of you! OM!

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