Satsang 17.06.17

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Hello To Everyone!

Today Aayla is with You, Siberian Shaman, the prototype one of the heros of the book Adventure Of Mysticsв

Good day my dearest and loved ones!

Hello dear friends!

I am very happy to be with you today and send the power Shaman Master Kudai Kam! Also, the power of ancient spirits and power of shaman traditions. Today we will prepare for very important celebration in the year, it is summer solstice. It is the most powerful celebration in the year. In this day once again all powers of light and dark forces are meeting each other. Basing, on cosmic laws always are wining one power or another one. In this Solstice the light forces are giving protection to the person, to go through all obstacles, all temptations, that prepared for us dark forces. It is very important to celebrate this day in the right way – to do rituals with understanding, receive support of ancestors and guidance of Master.

The dark forces, power of underworld very often are influencing on people. In nowadays they are influencing in special ways, in unusual way. Very often they are using energy of money. Because, all In our life are connected with money, the strongest temptations of people are based on energy of money. We with you already had talked about spirit of money and his helpers – spirit of consume. I hope you have done the ritual with your purse after our chat.

Today we will talk with you about spirits of envy and greed, how they are influencing on people.

First of all, it is important to understand, that in our time spirits of underworld are influencing people through internet and media channels. Directly from all movies and TV shows, they are transmitting the culture of greed and envy.

If person saw on TV or saw behavior of his parents, than envy and greed for him it is normal everyday emotions. People start to think, that these emotions are usual and normal. To make people consume more and more, buy again and again – spirit are poising his life with envy and greed.

After that, to stop person from purchases are not possible.жадность

How are looking spirits of envy and greed?

The spirit of greed it is dark color, with short throat and big, huge stomach. He all the time are hungry, and cannot eat up to be enough. When the spirit of greed take over the person – person all the time feeling strange, feeling of hungry in all. In food, in purchases, in impressions.

For example, because of greed people are becoming collectors – for example they want to visit all countries, they need to try all kind of food, they need to have the phone of all Iphone models. Spirit of envy are with bad smell, green and slimy. When the spirit of envy take over the person, he starts to think that all people around him have something better, than he has. Better outfit, better computer technique, better house, better job. Slimy structure spirit of envy taking over person, and gives feeling of dissatisfaction. In this moment stops his development and evolution, work with himself, he stops to achieve something. Feels only condemnation, comparing himself with others all the time and feels dissatisfaction. Spirit of envy are taking away all happiness, laugh and higher emotions.

If some of these listed feelings you are feeling sometimes, it means that spirit of envy or greed are trying to take you over.

How to protect yourself from influence of these spirits, spirit helpers of money?

Spirit of money and his helpers of consume, spirit of fears, spirit of envy, spirit of greed, spirit of narcissism – are feeding with you suffers and negative emotions of people. But if person all the time are feeling positive emotions, higher emotions, than he are becoming “not delicious” for spirit of money and his helpers. How all the time to feel higher emotions? Need to be higher goal.

Celebration of summer Solstice are the strongest day in the year, to create higher goal, and make it stronger, connect with it power and get blessing of master. If you will provide this ritual not only for yourself, but you will do it together in the group of students, you will invite those people, who wasn’t on the seminar yet, but are interested with spiritual development. More people will come on the ritual at 21 of June, than more people we will save.

How to provide ritual right now you will receive in document. But photos, videos and testimonials we are waiting on our email


Our ancestors from ancient times knew, how strong influence of rituals are. That’s why all important dates and events they was doing rituals. Ritual birth of child, ritual of having new name, ritual for luck, ritual for purification of soul, ritual of transformation, ritual for dyeing, and another’s. During the ritual it is important, who are providing the ritual, to follow of the structure of actions, and understand the meaning of the ritual.

On 21 of June a lot of people will arrive in Stonehenge, but…

The strongest ritual will be, where will do students of Kudai Kam, but if situation of your life are very hard and it continue many years, or if repeat again and again, than it is important to come on special time (which are Solstice, Equinox, Full moon, New moon, Solar and others) on individual ritual with shaman of one line of Kudai Kam

On this point I am saying to you goodbye. We are waiting for you pictures, videos and testimonials after provided ritual in the group at 21 of June.

Let the power of Kudai Kam, will be with you and your linage!

Solstice Ritual

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