How to awake the spirit of a region. Satsang 09.12.2017


My dear friends, we are continuing to prepare for the new 2018 year. Last saturday, we talked about what places of power are and how important it is to visit them at least 2-3 times a year. Today, we will talk about how shamans and wise people awaken the spirit of a region, what they do in order to ask for help and how their prayers are answered. We will reveal to you ancient mysteries, rituals and incantations! Of course, it is impossible to comprehend and grasp everything — to understand the power of god is like trying to drink the ocean. However, we can share with you the most important ideas that are the basis of ancient knowledge that helps us use this power to accomplish our goals. This will help us find an authentic guide that has been trained in the rituals and commands knowledge, and not some amateur charlatan. Gradually, our whole life will become a ritual of happiness, joy and plentitude! This is because the most important ritual that god has given us is called life and we need to live it 100% to its fullest. Who’s with me?


Here is knowledge that has been given to us by the master about the power of rituals from the book “Adventures of the Mystics”: “we can find the meaning of the word ‘ritual’ in the word itself: it comes from the word ‘rhythm’. A ritual syncs a person’s breath and thoughts to one rhythm. The thing is that a person, in his daily life, presides in a chaotic state: his thoughts are scattered, his soul is tormented by conflicting emotions. This is exactly why he can’t achieve anything in life. He’s like a piece of iron that’s not magnetized, its particles emit energy in chaotic directions. A ritual can help a person strengthen his most light and good states of being and direct his energy into one direction. In other words, to make a piece of iron into a magnet that attracts whatever a person desires.

The secret is that when a person connects to mantras, certain movements, spiritual practices, his entire being is deeply affected. The rhythm helps a person enter a state of unified action, also called trance. In this state of altered consciousness much becomes possible. For example, it becomes possible to see the past or the future of a person, to see his aura, to see spirits, phantoms, energies, natural powers, to access hidden talents. Being in an altered state of consciousness awakens a person to his hidden powers and capabilities.”

Thank you Master for the knowledge transferred through the book!

Book “Adventures of the Mystics”

Who’s already read this book?

Yes, my dear friends, a ritual is a special rhythm that can help bring us in contact and harmony with the heavens and earth, to create magic. There are three powers involved in a ritual: 1) the power of the idea for which the ritual is being performed. A correctly formulated goal. This isn’t always easy: think about if you ever wanted something very much (to buy something, for example) and then, when your wish came true and you got it, the thing didn’t bring you any joy. It also sometimes happens that a person gets married or starts a business without asking a priest or a shaman for a blessing and then suffers greatly in these arrangements.

Have you heard stories like this? This is why a properly formulated goal has so much influence in a person’s life. At a place of power a shaman-guide can formulates a correct goal that helps everyone present achieve their dreams.


Here’s a funny story about an amateur-magician: a man found a magical gold fish and asked it, “fishy, please make my wish come true!” The fish replied, “okay! But you can only make one wish!” The man thought about it and said, “fishy, make it so that i had everything!” “okay,” the fish replied and pronounced a magic spell repeating the man’s wish: “you had everything, you had everything!” (in the past tense!)

The power of emotions lies in how sincere and open the participants of a ritual are. The more they want to achieve their goals, the stronger effect the ritual will have. Can you believe, my dear friends, that in moments of crises and stress, our prayers are the most powerful? Do you know why? Because a person asks god for something with a huge amount of emotional energy. If a person doesn’t have a guide through the world of spirits, if he doesn’t have the advantage of a master to help him understand how to pray for something, he will yell at the heavens, “why???” Or “god is unfair! This isn’t right!” The person will start to curse at the people who are in his life to teach him some sort of lesson given to him by god. And god always replies with the same answer. Do you know which one? “yes!”

If a person says, “the world is unfair!” God mirrors this and says, “yes, here you go, dear! Here is another situation that confirms your attitude.” This is how a family clan’s karma builds up and turns into incurable diseases and deaths of family members.

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Yes, it is difficult to find gratitude in your heart, to experience love and faith without the wise advice and guidance of an tutor, shaman, priest. We weren’t taught these things in school, right?

Tell me, has anyone ever taken an exam in forgiveness?

In believing in yourself?

In happiness?

Did you have classes in these subjects at school?

Well, at our eco-village we will be organizing such a shamanic school! We have a goal to build these types of eco-villages all around the world!

So now do you understand how important it is to experience positive emotions like gratitude, belief in yourself, fearlessness and power during a ritual? A shaman-tutor is a clear guide for the enlightened master’s power. He can transmit emotions that are difficult for a person to experience in isolation. It can take a whole lifetime to experience the kind of love, faith and joy that a person can experience at a seminar with a real shaman!


The third power of a ritual lies in the special movements that open the doors or the world of power and the world of the spirits. The shaman shows the whole group how to perform the movements and unites everyone in one rhythm by chanting words and mantras. Through this, we can open up a channel into divine wisdom and love and unite with angels and the powers of nature to free us from our clan’s karma that torments us!

Tell me, what kind of rituals do you know and perform? What rituals bring together emotions, ideas and movement? Master has given us many of these rituals and during our new years retreat we will learn special rituals that will bless our 2018 year.


For anyone who wants to feel the power of shamanic ecstasy now, you can dance and prepare yourself for our new years meeting through the magical music written by the Master!

Magical Music “Tynburá”

We are waiting for you next week to tell you about how a shaman creates magic objects that attract luck into his life.

We ask you to prepare an object of your liking so that we can imbue it with a spirit.

My dear friends, i wish that your whole life becomes a ritual of happiness, love and faith! May every person that the spirit sends you in your life journey feel the Master’s love that this chat is filled with!

Good luck on your journey of developing the inner god and spiritual sun-human within you!!!

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