How to save strengths from misfortunes. Satsang 23.12.2017

Hello, my dear spiritual students of life! I welcome you, my dear spiritual relatives to this chat! A great big thank you for finding the time to join us during the holiday season!

We want to wish you a very merry Christmas. This holiday is very family-oriented. May the light of consciousness, love and wisdom be born in every single one of us!

My dears, last time we talked about why in ancient times, people always celebrated the four main points of the year— winter and summer solstices and autumn and spring equinoxes. We learned why these dates should be celebrated in places of power. We also learned how places of power can increase the energy flow from space, the stars and the moon.

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We also found out how strong rituals are created. They have three main components — the power of the idea, the power of emotions and the power of action. These rituals contain living knowledge. Our goal is to gradually, with the help of books, places of power, seminars, to learn how to fill all our actions with spiritual power. That way our whole life can become a ritual!

Tell me, does anyone here prepare food in a good mood while saying mantras? Does anyone listen to our audio file “meditation-of-inspiration” while on their way to work?

Does anyone have the chance to read or listen to the audiobooks “Adventures of the Mystics” or “After death” every day?

What is your favorite ritual that always helps you feel powerful?

Great, dear friends! Good job! Today we have the final chat for 2017. We will dedicate it to a special topic — how to preserve your strength and the power of your clan from misfortunes and future catastrophes. Why is this important? Because many sources are saying that if we don’t create a spiritual protective force, earth may face grave catastrophes. Here are what astrologers say:


On December 20th, 2017 Saturn will enter 1 degree of the Capricorn constellation.
The next 2.5-3 years, we will live under the powerful aspects of Saturn. This is the planet that rules careers, cold hard logic and limitations. Unfortunately, Saturn will enter the sign of Capricorn with the black moon. The black moon in conjunction with any planet provokes negative and destructive qualities of that planet.
In this case, if a person isn’t attuned to his higher spiritual egregor, he doesn’t have the protection that spiritual practice can offer him.

However, if a person is familiar with ancient methods, he can communicate and negotiate with the spirit of the planet Saturn and direct his energy to it to strengthen the traditions of his spiritual family, the basis of health. If we are open to the wisdom of ancient traditions, we create a benevolent soil for the achievement of our higher purpose. The last time that planet Saturn was in such a cosmic position was in 1989-1991. There were some global events from that time that were marked with many cataclysms and the disintegration of many world governments and banks.

First, let’s read an excerpt from the wise book “the adventures of the mystics”, that talks about how connections were made with ancestors in ancient times:

“The ancient people knew that when a person died physically, he continued to exist in the subtle plane. There, he possesses special powers and abilities that we cannot access. There he has access to omniscience and understanding this, the ancient people wanted to preserve their connection with their ancestors, especially the more prominent ones who were priests and shamans during their lives. That way they could still help those people still living on earth.”


Today we will learn about how to create an omiruk — a storage for the soul. It can help protect your clan from evil and multiply happiness and good for you.

What is an omiruk? The literal translation is a storage for the soul.

Do you remember the fairy tale about Koschey the immortal? He was immortal because his soul was stored high up on an oak tree in a locked case, in which there was a hare and inside a hare was a duck, and in the duck was an egg and in the egg was a needle. On the end of this needle was Koschey’s death. This story transfers knowledge about how to preserve the power, wellbeing and health of the clan. In ancient times all surnames were a sort of talisman for this purpose. In Altai families, from generation to generation, people collect the dried up umbilical cords of newborns. There can be up to 1000 and they were collected in a box as a way to store the power of the clan and given to a newborn with the words: “here is the power of your clan that came upon this earth to do good deeds. You are one of them. You are the grandson and great-grandson of people of power, of leaders, wise men.” This way the great ideas of the clan were transferred to the newborn; ideas like good, love, power, believing in yourself. A person who came in contact with this box became initiated. People would address the omiruk, the storage of souls and ask for help from their ancestors and their ancestors would always help them.


Of course, now we have forgotten these traditions. But you have probably heard that often in a family, a granddaughter will receive a small box from her grandmother with all of the family jewels in them. The jewelry also transfers the power of the clan. However, the jewels may store not only power, but also suffering.

For example, one of our students, Helen, had many troubles in her family. Helen’s mother couldn’t come to terms that her daughter had gotten married to “not the right man”. Helen loved Vasiliskas, but he was constantly having problems with work and money and this gave his mother-in-law more reason to belittle and insult her daughter. She called the couple losers and dependents. In reality, this was true. At the age of 30, they were both financially cvdgbdependent on Helen’s mother. Then Helen brought the box with the family jewels and asked the enlightened master Bhagavan Kalki to fill each object with spiritual power. He left only the positive experience of her ancestors in the jewels. We conducted a ritual of rejuvenation of the spirit of the jewels. There were very old pearls and rare gold and silver pieces. Finally, our student’s life became filled with positive changes. Her conflicts with her mother stopped and her husband was given a promotion. Finally, her mother started valuing her son-in-law. Love filled the family and gave the couple a chance to conceive and have a child.
In this story we see that ancient family values, in the old days, could carry a lot of power. Now we have lost the tradition to transfer family power throughout the clan and we are restoring this together right now!
If you do not have any relics that you received from your ancestors, this means that you need to create an omiruk, a storage for the spirit of your clan, yourself! I will tell you how to do this.

You need to take a piece of paper and a pen (or colored pencils) and draw a circle of people that you want to protect. Next to them draw or write down symbols of success (in work, in helping people) — everything that you want to receive next year.

Then take pieces of red thread. These symbolize blood ties. Take 7 sticks, these can be small branches that you can find in a park, or, if you are lucky and you have the chance to get out of the dusty city, from a real-life forest.

Then start to tie the string around the sticks while saying the words:
“with the power of good, I fill with health, I protect with light, I create wealth and protect from misfortune!”

Repeat this three times.
It is even better if you can listen to shamanic music of transformation while doing this. It will increase the protection for you and your clan:

Now you have the heart of the omiruk. The magic object isn’t finished. This is just the preparation.

At the next seminar, ask one of the instructors to breathe the living power of your spiritual clan into the omiruk. It will protect you and your loved ones from all misfortune and catastrophes! Of course, if this seminar will be conducted at a place of power, like the ones that will be happening during new years in Brazil or Spain, then the talisman will be 10 times more powerful! From that moment on, you will become the protector of your family power. It will protect and save you from all misfortunes.

So what should you do if you are a very busy person? What if you don’t have time to collect sticks and do rituals? There’s a solution! You can choose an object of power of your liking from our website:

You can transfer the power of your clan into it at one of our seminars. Then this object will become your omiruk, the storage for your clan’s spirit. Whoever does this at one of our new year’s seminars will be especially lucky! This will bless your entire clan.

If you take a photograph of the drawings that you made of your clan and your goals, I can give you a ritual and special spell to bring these goals to life. This consultation will be a gift for anyone who will record a video review about how this Sansa chat and a spiritual master have helped you solve a life situation!

Help other people join our chats, read books and attend the seminars! Also, as a reminder, there is a 30% discount for tickets to Altai in the summer of 2018 if bought before January 1st, 2018.

A great big thank you to all of those who have brought friends to this chat! Thank you all of you for being the rays of light and goodness that you are. You make the world a little bit warmer and more joyful!

We are waiting for you at our next seminars! Write and call if you need help. Share your ideas with us about how to help people, how to transmit ancient wisdom.

See you at our seminars!

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