Place of Power. Satsang 03.02.2018

Let’s right now in chat write wishes to each other. Before that feel the power of Saturn. I say these words according to it: Saturn, your are so wise and great, you are protecting the discipline, you are keeping hug power of transformation and development, fullfill my whishes with your power.
In that moment, when you felt support of Saturn write in chat your wishes to participants of this chat.
Topics, which we will talk about in February – special places of Power. Place of Power.

Power of Shamanism is included in view, that all around us is alive. People, animals, plants, bugs, mountains, forest, lakes and even Earth, other planets in Cosmos. Our Earth is alive essence.
This power from the deepest part of Earth is going out. On the top of Earth this kind of places we call them Places of Power. Or scientists are calling them by geopathic zones, anomalous zones.
Places of Power can give power and the same time can take it away.

Natural and made by human.
Connecting person with power of the Earth, with power of nature, with power of planet, Solstice system.
For rituals on health, for attracting a baby, partner.
For connecting with ancestors and praying for linage.
To rise wealth, to open new opportunities and transform your life.

Where are you living do you have Places of Power?
How often you are visiting them?
What kind of miracles happened with you after you visited Place of Power?
Write the strongest place of power, that you has been visited in your life? In which country it was?

From ancient time on Places of Power was gathering people, done ritual, united prayer. In some places created ancient temples. Now in these places just left ruins of ancient pyramids, temples, megaliths.
Of course, many of these places now are as saint pilgrimages routs of thousands of people.
It is important to know the power of Places of Power and provide on this place ritual, that is relevant for power of this place.
If people of nowadays don’t know, how to understand the power of place of Power. And what on this place have done ancestors. And what kind of spirits are keeping this place. Than are happening a lot strange and unpleasant situations. The simples way is that after you visit Place of Power, there will not be a result. Can become even worse.

Spirits of the place can start influence and you will miss your way, your thoughts, get lost. Spirits can create illusions. If people don’t know the rules, maybe for mistake of for purpose destroying the Place of Power, or showing unrespect to spirits. Than spirits can punish person.
Than person starts to hear or feel influence of spirits, but cannot do anything with it. Voices of spirits can provoke a person even to commit suicide.

That’s why so important on strong Places of Power come only with Shaman, with conductor, who hear spirits, know traditions. And can provide ritual in correct way according traditions on Place of Power.
In this summer we are travelling to Altay. Strongest Place of Power on planet Earth is the mountain Kayla’s, Himalaya mountains in Tibet.
The second strongest and important Place of Power on Earth is Altay mountains, and Belukha mountains (which are in saint plateauukok).


Perhaps you all know the sotry about Diana Suemi, who visited Kayla’s mountains. The spirit of Kayla’s complained, that millions of people are coming to him and don’t respect Kayla’s spirit, acting as consumers. All the time are asking for something.
Spirit of Kayla’s is alive essence and stopped helping people.
Now many people don’t have anybody, who they could ask for help.

Princess of Ukok (Altay) came to help people. She called you to come with us, that we together could reborn ancient traditions, create harmony between creation and destruction, that we could forward power of Saturniar on spiritual development. It will help humanity to harmonize International economy, peace on Earth, create harmony in culture and traditions.
Everything what we will do in Altay, during 30 year will have his power. All our prayer and rituals, that we will do will influence the life of humanity during 30 years.


It is not all. The last I will share with you next time.
Once again Congratulation with started calendar year. With Saturniar.
I wish to you productive week. See you next Saturday in the chat.

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