Winter Solstice!

Hello dear! Did you know that the New Year, the real one, comes on the 22th of December, the day of…Winter Solstice!

It is the day when light is reborn out of the darkness of winter. Our days start to become longer and lead us back to the beauty of spring and the warmth of summer, stretching towards their peak at the Summer Solstice. Most ancient cultures celebrated this return of light and life with feasting, music, light and fire, and for many, it was the true beginning of the New Year. There are still traditional cultures around the world today that believe that the ceremonies they conduct on a daily, monthly and yearly basis keep the earth spinning on its axis.

We would not be able to live without the sun — it brings warmth and light and allows growing things to flourish. Solstice ceremonies traditionally involve fire, which represents the sun, and an invitation to the sun to return to bring us warmth and light. The Christmas trees and wreaths we use at this time of year represent a prayer for the return of the green. The circular wreath represents the circle of life — everything returns and comes full circle. Holiday lights represent the Solstice fires of old, celebrating the sun and inviting its return.

Winter lends itself to introspection. This is the time to take a break, and digest the events and lessons of the past year, before blossoming forth into the new.


New Year is a time to create a clean slate, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and when you do a New Year meditation, miracles can occur. This is a time to let go of the ‘old you’ and begin afresh. You can create new goals and breathe new energy and more life into goals that may have been put on a back burner. Let’s get started! Allow yourself to get comfortable. Turn off all outside noises and distractions.

It’s very important to reload yourself before the advent of the real New Year, or Winter Solstice to attract fresh energy to your life, to make your wishes come true and to come to new life with new thoughts, intents and, in general, new updated self. How can we do it? There exist three dimensions:

  1. Mental (thoughts), meaning that you have to revise your thoughts, ideas and views that is to say reconsider your life and your opinions to some global things. Remind yourself, which purposes I had created in my mind at the beginning of the year. Is it the same that I achieved finally? Or my purposes have been changed during a year? Lets make the review which will help to step forward successfully
  2. Astral (emotional), meaning you have to emotionally purify yourself, get rid of negative energy that destroys you from the inside. There are some very efficient exercises that can help you cope with loneliness, depression and other destructive feelings in your heart.
  3. Physical (body). Our body is out most feeble part that’s why we have to care for it maintaining it in a healthy state. For this you can do Shank-Prakshalana practices (cleaning your body with salt water solution), keep diet or even fast to purify. Or if it is too difficult, may be just eat less a little bit than usual

If you try everything but still feel that you’re a bit confused and year in and out nothing changes don’t panic! We can help you, if you wish. Just sign up here and make a request to receive the personal recommendations. The professional mentors will be glad to answer your questions.

The next step after purification is meditation.

Here is a meditation to set a positive intent:

  • Put your hand on your heart and take a gentle, slow deep breath.
  • Ask yourself: “What would I most like to be or have in this coming year?”
  • Hold the intention in your heart that this is a powerful transition time. The main thing is for YOU to GIVE power to the New Year. Not the other way around. It’s your full intention that brings life and reality to the New Year.
  • Keep breathing… allowing light to fill your chest. With each breath you bring in more Light into your heart space. This light circulates and supports you now and in the New Year. Allow it to flow.
  • Keep your hand on your heart, and while you do that, place your attention on your desire. You might visualize it, but in truth, it is beyond visualizing. It is integrating with the energy of your passion and goal. Get in tune with it and feel it. Trust that this process is planting a seed. The outside will follow and it will contain positive changes.
  • The key to a good New Year meditation is to present in the moment. It’s a myth that this meditation is about the future.  Though the year lies ahead, you give it power here in the present. Meditation is an opportunity to notice and be still. That takes presence.
  • Keep focusing lovingly on your goal (a small tip: if your goal is not only about yourself but includes the idea of helping others, this focus will multiply the power of intention). It will come. Breathe in your goal. Be your Goal. Feel your Goal as a reality. Put your heart into your goal.
  • Focus your full power on your goal and go for about fifteen minutes or until you feel complete.
  • At the end thank the Universe, Divine Power and say ‘Everything’s is Your will’. Then release your intention, make it fly to God, to the Universe. Remember that we create our Future together with the Universe but its attitude to our request depends on our perfection, purity and acceptance. The more challenging the task the more acceptable the person becomes before God.

Meditation can be enhanced and supported with music of transformation. Here is some music you may enjoy.


The beginning of the New Year is an excellent time to set our intentions for the next year and leave behind what no longer serves us. So we invite you to recommit to living the principles of peace, love, truth, joy and unity in the coming year. Next three years will be difficult because Saturn enters Capricorn creating complex aspects that will influence people more than ever. That’s why it’s important to form the program for the New Year in the fold, or at a seminar where people seek to gain development and self-understanding. These practices take place at the Places of power (in Spain or in Brazil) rich in energy fields that will help, defend and protect us in three next years. Our seminars are not only aimed at forming together the program of happiness and success but as well you will know how to protect you, your family and business from negative confining influence of Saturn.

The New Year is coming and is time to be prepared. How can you prepare to celebrate the New Year in such a way that you can transform your life and approach your highest predestination?

We, a group of professional feminine coaches, will share sacred knowledge to create a new future for 2018. We will celebrate in Spain and Brazil at Places of Power, in the magnificent bosom of Mother Nature. A correct celebration will help you to fill the next year with joy, happiness, peace, success and love. Access a new energy level, integration the harmony between the spiritual and the material.

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New Year is a time for giving and receiving gifts from friends. Do you think of buying something inspirational or motivational for your beloved ones? Something that will make them rethink their own life and change their opinion on the global events – wars, hatred and animosity between people and other disasters? To reveal the might of Places of Power, to transform themselves and to come to the new year of 2018 replenished and energized? Then you will like our idea of…book. Did you hear that the book is the best gift? Especially the book ‘After Death’ that provides a very detailed and clear description of the afterlife and is channeling – the description of real life events and afterlife existence of a young guy named Yan. Reading this book explains how the subtle plane interacts with physical reality. Readers learn how considerable the influence of the invisible world on us is; and another one – ‘Adventures of the Mystics’ that is based on the real love story of two young people – Arthur and Alice – and teaches how to use twists and turns of life for uplifting and developing one’s soul.

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Our dear souls, as you are our friends and family, our closest and beloved ones we wish you a year full of happiness, harmony, love, peace and comfort of soul. We would like to help you in your future transformation and make a humble present – a passway to success during 12 days after your birthday. With the help of vedic astrology one of our trainers will tell you how to celebrate birthday astrology and change your life for the best. And that’s not it!

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