Day of Power

Day of Power

            Friday the 13th day is considered to be an unlucky Satanic day. But this is wrong. This day started to be associated with the devil by priests who were trying to suppress the religions of the people they conquered and considered them to be pagan. These people img1followed the lunar calendar (and not the one we currently accept). According to this calendar, this day marked the beginning of the full moon and all rituals would be conducted on this day. Later these rituals would come to be called witches covens. The priests started calling this day Satanic as a way to fight against the rituals. However, this day is actually a day of Power and it is the best day to conduct magical rituals to set intentions, make your wishes come true, for spiritism and other rituals.

          It isn’t a coincidence that the number 13 can be encountered in many religions, including the masons. You can also find it on the dollar bill — that’s how many steps are on the pyramid.

            In the modern calendar, Friday the 13th very rarely coincides with a full moon, because it isn’t tied to the moon phases anymore, so the number 13 doesn’t carry as much meaning.


In the ancient calendar, day one of the month and the first day of the week (Sunday) started on a new moon. The lunar calendar consisted of 28-day months broken up into 4 weeks. Every week started with a new phase of the moon. The first week was connected to the new moon, the second to a first-quarter moon, the third — with a full moon and the fourth with a third-quarter moon. This is exactly why there are 7 days in a week, because each phase of the moon lasts 7 days. This means that the beginning of the full moon happens on a Friday the 13th.

            Also, in ancient times, the day didn’t start at 12 o’clock at night, but with the sunrise, so the full moon was celebrated on the night of the 13th of the lunar calendar. At sunrise the 14th day of the moon would begin the — Saturday, which would mark when the moon would start to wane.

            It is very important to tie your life, and more importantly any rituals that you do, with the lunar calendar. Then luck will be on your side!

            In the lunar calendar there are also unlucky days, such as when the moon cannot be seen or right before a new moon. On these days it is recommended not to start anything new (new moons are good for this), but it is good for getting rid of everything negative, such as bad habits, unnecessary connections, bad relationships, etc.

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